How to use Senuto to build AdWords campaigns?

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Krzysztof MarzecKrzysztof Marzec
Published: 25.06.2018
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If you glance at the tag title on, you will see:

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<title>SENUTO – Comprehensive support of SEO activities </title>.
And I would agree 100% if it weren’t for the fact that Senuto is also perfectly useful for me when building AdWords campaigns. In this short article, I will describe 7 selected methods of improving AdWords campaigns with data from Senuto.

1. Study branded queries

It is very common for clients to overestimate the impact of SEO efforts on on-page sales. With the brand name keyword share reports (which I combine with data from Google Search Console), I can better estimate how much of the traffic is actual organic and how much is keywords containing the client’s brand. In short, this data helps me better deal with not provided.

Such a simple estimate before building a campaign and showing the effect after or during the campaign (increases in queries for branded words) convinces many clients to take a different approach to campaign evaluation. It is also another reason to forget about last click attribution.

2. Brand analysis for negative keywords

When I was analyzing a client’s brand during one of my campaigns, I found negative keywords in conjunction with the brand, but standing out with an unprecedented number of queries.

This allowed us to discover where the drops in conversion levels from the established campaigns were coming from. Of course, if the client had been sincere and admitted to problems with order processing, we would have known about it sooner, rather than with a delay of several months. However, I would recommend such brand analysis in Senuto every time if the brand is not quite familiar to us.

3. Search for keyword ideas for campaigns

Senuto is also a source of keyword ideas for AdWords campaigns – both positive and negative. The rule of thumb is simple – if you’re firing up a DSA campaign, check the TOP 100 words your site is high on and sift out the junk. The results of your DSA campaign will be better right from the start. You will get rid of underrated CTR or clicks on meaningless words.

I do another trick – I lump all the words into one bag and later check their duplications, generating a word cloud. Often words that appear, which are poor sales development of my products, I add to exclusion word list (e.g.: rent, sell, olx, etc.).

One more little secret: if I have time, I link databases from Senuto with databases from Google Search Console. In many cases, I catch additional words that I didn’t come across when analyzing the data in the tool.

4. Second ten results in Google

In SEO, I often analyze words in positions 7 to 15, because I know that with simple title/h1 optimization I can easily bump them higher. For this reason, when analyzing a domain in Senuto, I list words that may be important to the client, and I see that due to their distant position, they are not gaining traffic from organica. This is where you get both junk and gems that can generate new sales by increasing reach. Good conversion results in AdWords on such words is an important argument to better position them.

5. Searching for common words with competitors and candidates for analysis

In the Competitor Analysis tool, I learn which keywords I have in common with my competitors, but more importantly, I also find candidates for analysis. This way I know which words I’m missing and can make up for them with AdWords campaigns.

6. Building Rescue AdWords Campaigns

With the Acquired/Lost Words report, I can monitor drops in the long tail. If I lose more important keywords, I add them to my AdWords campaign to salvage sales on bigger drops.

7. Search niches

In the Question Generator, I usually search for questions searched in the context of the main keywords. Although this often requires building a lot of new pages and creating content, this method allows you to get additional cheaper traffic for your industry.

How to use Senuto to build AdWords campaigns? Summary

These are just a few of the ideas of how Senuto comes in handy when working with AdWords. It’s invaluable for competitive analysis, building groups of words under content marketing, but also for finding ideas on how users are searching for my products and services. In addition, I have sad news – there’s a good chance that as early as this July we’ll say goodbye to the good old AdWords keyword planner, and the new “monster” that will take its place will make me look at Senuto much more often.

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