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Create content plans that work, in just a few minutes

With Content planner you can quickly and easily generate guidelines for articles that should be published on your website to attract more traffic. With such content, you will build strong topical authority and rank high in Google for the keywords that interest you and your clients the most.

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1. Type in your website address, keywords and competitors' domains

2. You will get a potential list of articles and make your first choices

3. You'll generate a content plan, a ready-made recipe for increasing your site's visibility!

Save time and money with data-driven content plans

You no longer have to create content strategy on your own, something that is difficult and time-consuming. Content Planner is a tool based on advanced algorithms that will choose the best content solutions for your website.

Simplify your work

> Automate the keyword research process and easily group keywords into larger topic clusters. This is the first step to make your site comply with the silo structure.

Do it yourself

> Instead of outsourcing your content planning to an outside professional, create an effective plan yourself in just a few minutes.

Trust the data

> Intuition is not always the best advisor. By writing or commissioning content based on proven data, you can be sure to achieve your goals and not waste your money.

Use content plans tailored to your needs

Now you know where to start with creating content for your website – with a solid content plan! Within your Senuto subscription, you will be able to generate hundreds or thousands of recipes for effective texts.

Plan with your own vision in mind

> Choose the extent to which the content plans match your site without limitations – you can go the narrow or wide path. The filters will allow you to adjust the plan to your needs and capabilities.

Use clear guidelines

> You will get guidelines with the most important data you need to create effective content. Get to know the number of characters and headings that Google says your text should contain.

Follow the best example

> Check the parameters of the best ranking articles and preview how your competitors are linking. This will help you get inspired and get your articles the right structure.

Create tailored content that shows up high in Google.

Those who cover a given topic in a complex way are the ones who win on Google. Make your website a repository of knowledge and a real traffic magnet!

Build site authority

> Content plans are generated in a way to help you achieve high topical authority – in other words: Google’s trust. With that, the road to high positions opens up.

Create content that was missing

> You’ll get a ready-made list of topics, complete with data and prompts. Based on this, you will be able to prepare content that has been lacking on your site – and that your competitors will envy.

Track the keywords from your plan

>Export the content plan and paste the word list into Senuto Rank Tracker. This will make it easy for you to see how your Google positions change after implementing the plan.

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Start the 14-day trial for free

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How do you plan content for your website?

Explore some of Content Planner's features

To each keyword we assign related intentions: transactional, local, navigational, informational. Knowing your users’ search intentions will make it easier for you to create content.

Find out what percentage of potential traffic you are already capturing and how many more users you can attract to your site each month.

Choose from 10 filters to help you browse, sort and narrow your list of articles. Arrange it to suit your needs quickly.

Type in the domains you are competing with for high positions in Google, or use our automatic suggestions. This way you can discover new competitors.

Useful for reviewing articles that rank high in Google for a given keyword. You will learn about their titles, length number of headlines, and more.

Read user reviews and find out how they use Senuto in their daily work

Try Senuto Suite for 14 days for free

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Start the 14-day trial for free

Meet Senuto in 1-hour online training. Free.

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