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Want to create content that will show up high in search results? The Content Writer module in Senuto will give you exact guidelines on what and how much your text should contain to meet Google’s requirements. Create content according to the recommendations, and the road to TOP 10 positions will open up for you.

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It’s easier than you think

With Content Writer, you will find that writing effective texts for SEO does not have to be tiring and time-consuming at all. Just specify your keyword and domain, and you’ll see what Content Writer has for you.

Save time on keyword research

> You no longer have to search on your own for keywords with which to saturate your text. Now you have a whole set of relevant words at hand – just use them in your content.

Enjoy the interactive editor

> You can write your text entirely in Content Writer’s editor – including bold, links or headings. Keywords that you have used too much or not enough will be highlighted in red.

Get the numbers right

> No more wondering if the text is properly SEO-optimized. Content Writer will tell you not only what to write, but also how to write it: how many characters, keywords or headings you should use to make the content effective.

Get ready for higher positions

Writing for SEO is all about ranking higher in Google than others and bringing more traffic to your site. With Content Writer you will achieve this goal in the fastest and easiest way.

Get 80 points on your content score

> Then you can be sure that your content is ready to rank high in Google search results.

Optimize old content

> You don’t have to write everything from scratch – Content Writer will tell you how to optimize the already existing content on your site for better SEO. This way you will give your texts a second life.

Get inspired by others

> Gain insight into competitive articles that rank in the TOP 20 positions for your chosen keyword. In order to write outstanding content, it’s worth knowing those that have already earned Google’s trust.

Plan → Write → Track

Writer is the centerpiece of a “plan, write, track” strategy. Once you have a content plan in place, the tool will guide you through its implementation. Then all you have to do is track the results.

Use ready-made content plans

> Content Writer works perfectly with Content Planner. Upload the generated content plans directly into Writer and one by one create texts with which you will gain high topical authority.

Export your text easily

> You can transfer content written (or edited) in Content Writer, for example, to WordPress using the “copy-paste” method. But you can also turn it into a ready-to-publish HTML file – whatever is more convenient for you.

Track published content’s performance in Google

> Add the phrases for which you have written content to Rank Tracker. This will give you a daily overview of their positions in Google – observe how they are climbing up!

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Why use Content Writer?

Before you try it out, recheck the benefits

Save time

SEO-optimized copywriting requires establishing guidelines for such things as content length or keyword set. Writer will do this research for you.


Instead of using several tools, you have everything at your disposal in one place. In Writer you will create content that meets Google’s requirements, and format it according to your needs: adding, for example, bold, links or headings.

Peace of mind

Writing content for SEO comes with unpleasant doubts: will this be good enough? Content Writer knows the answer to this question and will help you ensure that it is indeed good enough. And even better.


If you genuinely care about results and hope to get more traffic from Google, Writer will help you achieve that goal. Write content according to the given guidelines, and your chances of success will increase accordingly.

Anna Zalewska

My main challenge is to create optimized web content and reach the highest number of users. I can’t imagine content marketing without an effective tool for researching keywords and topics. Senuto is just the thing. Its functionality, speed and intuitive interface are the main reasons why during our workshops, I always recommend Senuto.

Jacek Smogur

In my work, a good choice of keywords can make more than 1000 words. That is why I use Senuto to the limit, proposing content from the title to the last paragraph.

Lukas Zelezny

Senuto is one of the few tools that I am using if it’s about keyword research and competitor research. I really like it because of the UX, which is designed in a really nice and smart way. You can easily understand what’s the flow, so you’re not struggling with this tool, you don’t have to think too much about where you are.

Try Senuto Suite for 14 days for free

From 29 EUR per month
2 months free with the annual package
We do not require a payment card

Meet Senuto in 1-hour online training. Free.