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In the world of SEO, you can’t do without keywords. They’re a must-have for planning a powerful strategy to maximize your competitive edge. The more, the better. That’s why we have millions of keywords waiting for you in Keyword Explorer.

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1. Enter a keyword, URL, or domain address

We’ll look through 43.8 million keywords to select the best matches for your query.

Keywords that build topical authority

We find relationships between keywords and offer new suggestions, semantically related to the phrases you’re already using.

Tools and reports used:

  • Summary

Long-tail keywords with a high conversion potential

You’ll get a complete keyword list including long-tail phrases that reveal a strong intent to purchase.

Tools and reports used:

  • Summary

Questions, or ready-to-use blog post ideas

Knowing questions asked on Google will help you acquire customers at every stage of their path to purchase.

Tools and reports used:

  • Questions

Automatic suggestions from Google

Complete your list of keywords from Senuto with automatic suggestions from Google (autocompletions).

Tools and reports used:

  • Quick Suggestions

Trends on Google

SCheck keywords which are now trending on Google or were popular over a selected time frame.

Tools and reports used:

  • Trends

2. Filter your keywords to get the best picks

A generated list of keywords may include thousands of suggestions. Use our intuitive filters to extract what you really need.

Keyword Statistics

Discover the most important parameters of your target keywords: monthly search volume, CPC, and popularity over the year.

Filters and NLP part-of-speech algorithms

Narrow down your keyword list by popularity, CPC, or word count. Cherry on top: we’ll use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to sort them by part of speech.

Keyword clusterization – automatic grouping by intent

We’ll automatically group your keywords into thematic categories – based on our analysis of search results.

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3. Create a plan for your SEO and content marketing

With a complete keyword list in hand, you can plan SEO and content marketing activities to boost traffic and sales.


When planning content for your website, inspect every keyword and see what shows up on the search results pages (SERP).

Tools and reports used:

  • Keyword Details

Keyword Seasonality

Knowing the popularity of keywords in particular months, you can plan your publishing schedule more effectively.


Knowing the snippets that show up for keywords on your list, you can adjust your content to their structure on Google.

What will you find in Keyword Explorer?


Looking for a good article topic? Wondering what queries your customers are typing into Google? Find out in the Questions report.

Search for phrases that are semantically related to the keyword you entered. This will help you build context around your chosen phrase.

Determine what words to use in the content on the site to make the site more visible in Google.

Find out which phrases have recently been frequently searched for in Google.

Get down to business while the data on your query is still collecting.


Do you sometimes wonder how best to group your list of keyword phrases? With Senuto you will segment your keywords in the most optimal way!

List your phrases and check the statistics for them, such as average monthly searches, CPC, or trend graph.

Read user reviews and find out how they use Senuto in their daily work

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