March 06 2024



Writer: new background colour for keywords: purple.

A new colour has been added to the colour palette for marking keywords in Writer. Purple marks keywords that have been used more times in the text than our recommended value.

Until now, the user was confronted with a red background for both non-use of a keyword and overuse of its occurrences. In the new world, we distinguish between these two situations. In the case of over-use of occurrences, the background of the keyword will be marked in purple. In the case of non-use of a keyword, the background will remain red.

Thanks to these changes, the user can easily distinguish between non- and over-use cases for keywords.

In addition, we have changed the font size and refined the existing background colours for the keywords to those that contribute to better readability.


🐛 Bugfixes and Minor Improvements

Writer - we have handled a situation where an error has occurred in the generation of content with AI. When such an event occurs, the user will receive the appropriate message and will be able to refresh the failed process. In addition, the records in the content generation history are sorted by date: starting with the most recent.

Planner - we resolved an issue that prevented filtering by intent.

Visibility analysis - we added an icon with a country flag in recent queries.

Purchasing a plan - we improved the payment page to make it responsive, and we handled the automatic refresh of the page and the launch of a new plan after payment.

February 28 2024



Writer: folders for article management.

On the left-hand side of the view in the Writer module, we have added a vertical box called Folders. The user can add them, and manage them by adding, deleting or renaming them, as well as catching and moving them in order to change the sequence of folders in the list.

With folders, Writer users can organise their workspace and manage the location of individual articles. The function works analogously to the folders known from the operating system, which are used to catalogue files.

An example of use for a SEO specialist who has several clients: In order to know what topics have already been written about, how much content has been produced and to be able to easily find his way around the project history, he uses folders to create a space for each client, to which he then assigns the articles. In this way, he can access articles relating specifically to the project he is interested in at a given time.

Thanks to the folders, the user knows where to look for the articles he needs. At the same time, it keeps things neat and tidy. It is convenient and functional.

January 31 2024



Writer – we have made it easier to access the generated content.

We have improved the process of AI generation content by enhancing the communication of progress information in the application interface. We have always (and consistently) been focused on maximising the usability of Senuto and on clear and effective communication between the user and the system.

From now, when a task to create content by AI is triggered, information about this event will appear directly in the text editor. Furthermore, when the task is successful, the ready-to-use content will immediately appear there. It can be managed in any way you choose: copy, insert into text or replace. Neat, clear, pleasant and fast.


System software: update of the Angular framework

This change is not visible at first glance, but should be understood analogously to an update of the operating system on a smartphone. The update contains necessary fixes and is important from a security and application performance point of view. The newer version of Angular improves the stability of Senuto.

January 09 2024



Visibility analysis – we have added a Trends column.

In the latest update of the Visibility Analysis, we have introduced a Trends column, allowing you to track when selected keywords reach their peak popularity throughout the year. Previously, access to this feature was exclusively in the Keyword Explorer.

The Trends column is positioned at the end of the table by default (you may need to horizontally shift it), but you have the option to customize the order of columns according to your own needs and preferences through the three-dot menu: Customize.


🐛 Bugfixes and Minor Improvements

During this update, we also focused on fixing errors and implementing a few minor enhancements:

Tracker – Keyword Group Selection: We have resolved the issue with selecting specific groups of keywords.

Tracker – Positions History Report: We have improved the display of incorrectly matched URLs.

Tools - Improved Navigation: We have streamlined the process of navigating to subsequent result pages.

Writer - Bold Formatting in Headings: We have implemented support for bold formatting in added headings, ensuring that AI correctly generates content in the outline from the text editor mode.

These corrections and improvements aim to make your work even more efficient. Enjoy a smoother and more tailored experience using our application to meet your needs!

December 07 2023



🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

Content planner - when a user used the limit of drafts or plans and deleted a plan or draft, the change was not visible in the limit counter. Now you can see immediately after deleting drafts or plans, without refreshing the page, that the limit has changed.

Keyword explorer - it was not possible to create a group with a name containing only 1 or 2 characters. Now it can be done.

Writer - after the first payment (purchase of the plan) we reset the AI text limit, so the user again can generate 3 AI texts. Until now, the system was based only on registration, not the first payment, which meant that the AI text limit used during the free trial period did not renew.

November 29 2023



Visibility analysis – above the visibility chart a switch was added for the Polish database 1.0 and 2.0. The use of the switch changes the chart without the need to refresh the page or resend the query. All other statistics, e.g. in the Positions table, remain consistent with the database selection in the Country field - the switch above the chart has no effect on them.


🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

Keyword explorer - you can edit the phrase entered into the search field, without having to delete it all and type it in again.

Writer - the content score mechanism had issues with counting words containing the letter "ł" in the statistics. Now it counts them correctly.

November 27 2023



Shopping – it is now possible to purchase from 1000 to 14000 Senucoins - with a plus the package is increased by 1000, and with a minus it's decreased.


🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

Keyword explorer - improved calculation of limit consumption (especially regarding additional limit). Now the limit decreases according to the number of queries or the number of phrases provided in the query.

Tracker - once a user reached the phrase and/or project limit, the limit was displayed as infinity ∞ in notifications. The bug is now gone.

Visibility analysis - fixed SERP History tool for the Poland 2.0 database - previously there were problems with retrieving data and displaying correct dates.

Visibility analysis - minor visual correction in the country selection field - nothing goes out of frame anymore, and we have restored the ability to scroll.

November 08 2023



Side menu – we have added the WhitePress® logo to the menu on the left side of the screen. Now you can quickly go to our partners' website.


🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

Writer - adding the * symbol to the header (e.g. Hotel 4*) causedt these headers to not being included in the statistics and the Content Score. Fixed.

Visibility analysis - a banner with information about the phrase database used (1.0 or 2.0) was visible regardless of the selected country - now it is only shown for Poland, as it should.

October 31 2023



📈 New, updated keywords database in Visibility analysis (Poland)

On October 30, 2023, we launched a new – additional – keywords database, based on which you can analyze the visibility of a selected domain in Poland.

Both Polish databases (1.0 and 2.0) consist of a similar number of phrases - approximately 18 million. However, the 2.0 database is updated and thoroughly cleaned compared to its predecessor. This allows us to provide the most accurate results for your query.

October 18 2023



🧰 New Senuto plans and plan personalization

On October 16, 2023, we introduced a new offer of Senuto plan. The Essential, Standard, Premium and Professional packages are now replaced by the Lite, Basic, Advanced and Prime plans. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new offer.

Some significant changes have been made in the functioning of the application:

> Introduction of add-ons. It is possible to purchase add-ons to your plan, for example: SERP Analysis, Tools or the possibility of integration with Make. You can manage add-ons in the Settings → Plan and add-ons tab.

> New system for increasing limits. Up untill now, increasing limits (enquiries, content plans, etc.) was done by contacting our customer service via chat. Now you can buy increased limits in each module yourself. This also applies to AI texts.

> Senucoins. Limits are purchased using Senucoins - Senuto's virtual currency. To increase limits, you must first fill up your Senucoin wallet.

You can read full instructions on personalizing your Senuto package here.

September 21 2023



🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

> Keyword explorer: degree of correlation. The slider to control the degree of word correlation was only available in the Summary tab, and now it is also in Questions and Word Groups. In addition, the degree of correlation no longer changes automatically when the user changes the tab.

> Writer: AI text generation. We have introduced an improvement to reduce the number of hallucinations - cases where AI generates "made-up" answers to a user's query.

September 11 2023



✏️ ️Writer - status on the article list (AI)

In the list of articles, we added dynamic AI generation statuses: in progress, completed or failed.

August 30 2023



🤖 Creating text with the help of AI

Senuto Writer has been using artificial intelligence to suggest keywords for some time now. Now we have enhanced the module with more AI features.

> Text outline generation - creates logically related headings (H1, H2, H3) based on the keyword. Two outline suggestions can be generated for one article in Writer.

> Text generation - creates an entire article based on the keyword and on the text structure. The function can be used 3 times within any Senuto package; more AI-generated texts for an additional fee.

> Meta tag generation - creates title and description to be displayed in Google search results. Each time there are 3 suggestions generated. The operation can be repeated 6 times for one article.

For detailed instructions on how to use the AI function in Writer, visit our Wiki.

August 01 2023



🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

> Writer: Activating or deactivating all words in a given set (e.g. Competition or AI) affected activation or deactivation of words from other sets as well. This was a bug in the functionality. Now it works correctly.

> Writer: the window with examples of keyword usage sometimes went off-screen and the content could not be read. Fixed.

> Visibility analysis: summary export. PDF files now generate correctly - no content display errors, reduced file size.

> Rank tracker: competition tab. Fixed a bug related to the display of a missing data message (a missing data message sometimes happened, even though the data was ready to be displayed).

> Keyword explorer: fixed problem of endless loading on some queries.

> Tables - in some tables, there was a problem with "holes" between table elements when loading data. Fixed.

July 25 2023



🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

> Filters: Some user filter names have been changed so that they do not obscure the (x) with which they can be deleted; maximum length of the filter name slightly reduced.

> Tables: Correction in drag & drop transfer of columns when customizing a table (on click transfer worked, while drag & drop for some columns did not work properly).

> Visibility analysis: The chart error has been corrected. If the last values of the chart were 0 (zero), the ups/downs summary on the right side of the chart displayed incorrect values (not zero), resulting in incorrect counting of ups/downs.

> Visibility analysis: Competitor Chart. When exporting the chart or dashboard alone, the Visibility Analysis summary exported the chart with hidden labels and it was not clear what the bar data refers to - now everything is visible.

> Rank tracker: Fix for determining the increase/decrease of items in a given date range, e.g. previous status in a given range = 5, current status = 4; the "change" column was showing a decrease of one item, and should show an increase.

> Scrolling in the textarea (this is the field into which, for example, you type a list of keywords): hid the "holes" that appeared when scrolling quickly.

> Content Planner: Fixed the algorithm for determining the recommended depth of the content plan. It's now working as it should.

July 5 2023



✍️ Writer with keywords from AI and improved interface

The Writer module now offers a wider selection of keywords. Thanks to the AI feature upgrade, the phrases are even better tailored than before. This means that by using them as recommended, you have a better chance of ranking higher in Google. We now divide keyword phrases in Writer into 4 types:

> Senuto – they come from our database of words and appear among competitors,

> Competition – they come from our database of words and appear among competitors,

> AI – artificial intelligence suggests words to use based on several variables,

> Custom – you can add them yourself.

In the “Customize” option, Senuto, AI and Competition phrases can be freely activated or deactivated – individually or all at once.

New UI

The above-described changes to the module entail numerous new features and improvements to the interface.

> Meta tags have been moved from the place under the editor to the right side (under Recommendations).

> Also, the content structure parameters have been moved to the right, just below Content Score.

> The editor now has no closing at the bottom. It is as long as the text is long. As a result, there are two scrollers – one for the text, the other for the elements on the right.

> Reduced left and right padding in the editor, that is, the content is visually wider.

> The phrases in the “Customize” menu have their own label – depending on whether they are Senuto, Competition, AI or Custom words.

> When you hover over a keyword, a familiar window with usage examples opens. What’s new is information about the source of the word (so again: Senuto, AI, etc.).

July 3 2023



🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

Content Planner: Fixed filtering by keyword in draft list.

Keyword Explorer: Fixed table sorting in the Related Keywords report.

BKeyword Explorer:: Export was incorrectly showing (overstating) the display limit of rows in the table. It now shows the correct values.

June 12 2023



🇩🇰 Denmark is now available in the Visibility Analysis

We have updated the Visibility Analysis database with more than 4 million Danish domains, along with statistics.

You can also search the Keyword Explorer – we have increased the number of phrases for Denmark up to 20 million.

We warmly invite you to use Senuto for SEO projects for the Northern part of Europe: we have abundant data for the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.Denmark is the 8th country in total that we have added to Senuto’s Visibility Analysis database.

↕️Rank tracker: you can now enter the same phrase into multiple groupsp

At the stage of setting up a project, one key phrase can be entered into multiple groups (previously, this was not possible). This does not affect the number of words in the project – one phrase is still one phrase, only that it can be duplicated in groups.


🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

🏆 SERP Analysis: Loader did not disappear even after all data was loaded. Fixed.

Password change: Logout when changing the password occurs only after clicking on “Set new password” in the email. Previously, logout occurred immediately after clicking on change password in the application.

Registration:When you wanted to make a new registration with an account already set up and dark mode set, the dark mode view also moved to the registration screen and interfered with the display of items. Now it’s fine.

Other: Minor UI fixes related to the display of some elements.

May 17 2023



🇳🇱 Netherlands is now available in the Visibility Analysis

We have updated the Visibility Analysis data base with more than 8 million Dutch domains, along with statistics.

ou can also search the eyword Explorer – we have increased the number of phrases for the Netherlands up to 25 million.

If you are running SEO projects in this country, you already know where to look.

The Netherlands is the 7th country in total that we have added to Senuto’s Visibility Analysis database.

April 27 2023



🐛 Bug fixes and minor improvements

📈 Visibility analysis: Domains containing Polish letters – ó, ś, ć, and others – sometimes displayed incorrect names. It’s fixed now.

📈 Visibility analysis: Some charts for certain domains showed too many dates, even when there was no data available. This created blank spaces or ‘holes’ in the chart. The problem has now been fixed.

🔑 Keyword explorer: Searching for a word with the “%” sign caused problems with displaying some elements. Fixed.

✍️ Writer:Now the ‘Load content’ button is only active after selecting an article to load. (Previously, users could click it even without selecting any article, causing endless loading).

✍️ Writer:There was a problem with the Content Score mechanism in the Writer that caused it to count words with the letter ‘ł’ incorrectly. However, the problem has been fixed, and the Content Score mechanism should now accurately count words with the letter ‘ł’..

✍️ Writer:There were situations in which an article was duplicated, and deleting the duplicate deleted both articles. The problem no longer exists.

↕️ Rank tracker:The growth/decline arrows sometimes appeared in the opposite direction of what they should have. We have fixed this issue.

📅 Content Planner, Writer: Minor visual adjustments.

April 27 2023



✍️ Writer 1.5 – new features and improvements

Senuto’s Writer module has been updated to version 1.5 with several new features and improvements.

> The editor has been fixed to prevent slowdowns and crashes when enabling word highlighting or pasting large blocks of text. Issues with text pasting and header insertion have also been resolved.

> A new “Questions” tab has been added, allowing users to insert relevant content into their text with one click. This feature has its own keyword counter and contributes to the Content Score.

> A “Version History” feature has also been introduced, allowing users to browse previous versions of their article and restore a selected version with a single click. Word suggestions will now appear in the editor as users type. Paragraph formatting is now visible, making formatting easier and preventing errors.

>> A new feature for inserting links has been added, allowing users to set the link parameter to “nofollow” to avoid passing SEO value to the linked page. The link can also be marked as “noopener” to protect against potentially dangerous pages.

> The Headers tab has been updated to display a clear list of headers used in competing texts. Unnecessary elements have been removed from the HTML source code to improve readability and reduce code size.

>Finally, the word highlighting switch has been moved to the bottom right corner for better accessibility.


🐛 Fixes in Writer

With the version 1.5, we have introduced several fixes in the Writer module.

> The editor no longer slows down when you turn on word highlighting or paste a larger block of text.

> Fixed pasting text or adding headings – the editor no longer does an automatic scroll up, which was sometimes the case before.

> It now works correctly to add screenshots to text – applies to Mac users.

June 12 2023



🇪🇺 Senuto is now available in new languages

Until now, Senuto was only available in Polish and English. From now on, you can also change the language to Czech 🇨🇿, Slovak 🇸🇰, Hungarian 🇭🇺, and Romanian 🇷🇴.

To change the language, go to Settings -> Account.

May 17 2023



🐛 Bugfixes and small improvements [6]

We have made some changes to improve the display of certain elements, such as the Increases/Decreases table in Visibility Analysis. Additionally, we have improved the synchronization with an external tool for displaying messages within the application.

April 27 2023



🐛 Bugfixes and small improvements [14]

Warte uwagi:

> Monitoring:Noteworthy changes include:In Monitoring, we fixed the full visibility history chart loading issue.We eliminated an error related to incorrect limit resetting. It will now always occur at the end of each month since registration (excluding daily limits).In Visibility Analysis, Increases/Decreases, all months are now available again in the date selection field.In Content Planner, the search for content plans now includes drafts in addition to generated content plans.

February 8 2023



🐛 Bugfixes and small improvements [11]

We have made improvements to the application’s performance and made minor adjustments to the appearance of certain elements. One notable change: In Visibility Analysis, we removed an element that was causing confusion for some users – the arrow that appeared when there were no changes in estimated traffic. It has now been removed.

March 7 2023



🇷🇴 🇭🇺 New countries: Romania and Hungary

We have expanded the coverage of our Visibility Analysis tool by adding two new countries: Romania and Hungary. They are now part of the tool’s existing coverage of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Sweden. With this update, you can now analyze the visibility of domains in these countries, making it easier to carry out successful SEO projects in these markets.

February 15 2023



🔍 Project Search

We’ve added a project search feature to the Rank Tracker module, which makes it easier to navigate and find specific projects. This is particularly helpful for agencies or businesses that manage multiple projects simultaneously.


🐛 Bugfixes and Improvements [8]

Worth noting:

We made some updates to improve the stability of the Writer module, specifically addressing disconnection issues.
Visibility Analysis – legend improvements on the chart.
Visibility Analysis – fixing the mechanism for exporting data to a file.

February 8 2023



✍️ Writer: Enabling/Disabling Keywords

W module You can now control the suggested keywords in the Writer module. Simply enable or disable the ones you want to see or not see in your recommendations. You can also re-enable them at any time.

December 14 2022



🐛 Bug fixes and small improvements [4]

We’ve made 4 updates to the application, with one being particularly important:

> We’ve improved how articles are saved in the Writer module, making sure the content you enter is more secure.

December 5 2022



⚫ We have a dark mode!

You can now view the application in a dark mode. You can conveniently switch between regular and dark mode in the side menu.You can turn “light” on and off at any time.


🐛 Bugfixes and improvements [8]

We’ve successfully fixed 8 issues and minor glitches, including:

> The occasional “connection loss” in Writer.

> Improved appearance of sorting in Content Planner.

> Visibility analysis – displaying accurate dates on the chart with weekly granularity.

November 7 2022



✍️ Writer – HTML editing capability

We’ve added a new feature to the Writer module that allows you to edit HTML source code for your content. With this feature, you can easily add tags and transfer your articles to a CMS (like WordPress) more efficiently.


🐛 Bugfixes and improvements [2]

Here’s what we’ve improved in this round:

> Transferring keywords between groups in Monitoring – now functioning correctly

> Duplicates in Tracker results – no longer occurring

October 20 2022



🗓️Visibility Analysis – default granularity changed to weekly

Before, the Visibility Analysis chart showed a day-by-day breakdown of a domain’s visibility by default. However, this meant that only two years of history could be displayed due to the sheer amount of data. Now, the default granularity has been changed to weekly, allowing visibility history dating back to 2016 to be shown on the chart. The arrow on the chart indicates the default weekly setting, but you can switch to daily or monthly views by clicking on “D” or “M,” respectively.


🐛 🐛 Bugfixes [14]

We’ve made 14 different improvements, including:

>Enhancing the user interface in the Content Suite module

> Adjusting column widths in tables

>Displaying correct dates in snippet history in Monitoring

>Fixing minor errors related to displaying certain application elements.

October 10 2022



👨‍💻 Intercom and better communication

We have added a new tool for customer support called Intercom. This means that users will now see a new chat interface that is more user-friendly and enjoyable to use.

October 5 2022



🚀 Implementation of Angular 14

We have upgraded Senuto to use the Angular 14 framework.This update brings benefits such as:

> Easier application design and streamlining for us and

> For you it means a significant improvement in the performance and stability of Senuto.

March 7 2022



🐛 Bug fixes [2]

We’ve eliminated 2 errors:

> One error was related to the mechanism of returning from Direct Answer to Visibility Analysis

> The other error was concerned with quota limitations based on the user’s current plan.

Now everything works correctly.

February 15 2022



🎨 Updated graphical interface (UI)

We want to ensure that your attention is focused on the most important part of Senuto: the data. To achieve this, we have made some changes to the top bar that contains the query. We’ve updated the shape and color scheme to be lighter and less distracting. You also have the option to keep the top bar at the top of the page or have it move with scrolling, which can be controlled using a pin located on the side.


⚓️ Anchor links in SERP Analysis (Planner, Writer) and URL Crawler tool

In the modules mentioned earlier, you can find information about links that are located on different web pages. We used to only show the URLs of these links, but now we’re introducing anchor text previews as well. This feature provides more valuable insights for analysis and inspiration when replicating competitors’ content structures.


✅ We’ve eliminated 16 errors related to interface operation and/or content

Based on user feedback, we have made some updates to the Content Suite module to make navigation easier. We’ve added a drop-down menu and made changes to how we display quota usage information, including showing the renewal date right on the main page. We’ve also made improvements to the presentation of data in tables, made forms more user-friendly, and fixed an issue that previously prevented users from accessing their latest queries. We have thoroughly tested the system to ensure that it is performing well, is easy to use, and is stable.

February 8 2023



📝 Content Writer: sharing via link

Do you need help writing content that follows Senuto’s guidelines and recommendations? It’s simple! All you have to do is click on the “share” button and send the link to the person who will be helping you. They don’t need to have a Senuto account. They can simply click on the link you’ve sent and begin creating content immediately.

September 13 2022



📈Changes in data presentation for Visibility Analysis charts

Previously, our chart would display daily data collection by default. However, due to the large amount of readings we’ve collected over the past seven years, they no longer fit on the chart’s X-axis. To solve this problem, we’ve changed the default data granularity to weekly. Please note that we still collect data every day, and you can still view the daily chart – but it only goes back 3 years due to data limitations.If you want to see the complete history of the domain, it’s best to select weekly or monthly granularity. On the other hand, if you’re interested in detailed statistics from recent days, months, or the past 3 years, choose daily granularity.You can manage your data granularity by clicking here:

September 6 2022



️🗃️ Context menu with quick actions in every table

You don’t have to copy and paste keywords from one module to another anymore. Now, you can simply move your cursor over the keyword you’re interested in within the table, and click on the three-dot icon.From there, a menu will pop up, giving you the option to choose what you want to do with the keyword. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be taken directly to that action.


📩Push notifications

Are you gathering information for your content plan, an article you’re writing, or a project you’re monitoring? Once we have the data, we’ll send you a notification right away so you can respond promptly.To receive these notifications, just click on the padlock icon located in the top left corner of your web browser, next to the website address. Then, give us permission to send you notifications. This way, we can stay in touch with you at all times.


🗑️ Content Writer: removal of unnecessary articles

Do you want to organize your list of articles and get rid of any unnecessary or test projects? It’s really easy! Just pick the article you want to remove and select “delete” from the menu that appears.


🧮 Visibility analysis: database optimisation

We have improved our databases by removing repeated words with spelling errors and making the database commands more efficient. This has led to quicker loading of data.

August 11 2022



✅ We’ve eliminated 14 errors related to interface operation and/or content

The system has been tested to ensure that it performs well, runs smoothly, and is stable.


📬 Content Writer – improvements in styles and interface

We are identifying parts that are currently being studied and for which data is being collected.

August 8 2022



🗂Planner 2.0 – No more country limitations

Planner 2.0 now allows you to generate content plans for any country without limitations. Whether you’re targeting a specific market or have clients from different countries, Senuto’s Content Planner can help you plan your SEO and content marketing strategies based on Topical Authority principles and semantic SEO.
To get started, input your target keywords, domain, and select competitors to create a draft project. After about 30 minutes, you’ll receive a notification when the data is ready. You can have up to three draft projects running simultaneously, and it won’t cost you anything to generate them.
Once your draft is ready, select how deep you want to delve into the graph to find connections between words. This will determine how relevant the articles will be to your topic. Then, select the number of articles you want to write or implement on your website. You can easily filter and select the articles that meet your expectations and discard those that don’t.
After selecting your articles, the final content plan can be generated in just a few minutes. Once it’s ready, you can start bringing your strategy to life. You can also access SERP analysis and ranking domain content statistics by clicking “Download Data.”
Overall, Planner 2.0 is a powerful tool that helps you plan your content strategies for any country without any limitations.

July 27 2022



📚 Content Suite

Where have the Content Planner and Writer gone, you ask? 🤔You can find access to these modules in the menu under the “Content Suite” button!What is Content Suite? It is a module for comprehensive content management, starting from creating a content strategy (in Planner), through writing content (in Writer), to monitoring how that content performs (in Tracker) 🚀.

July 7 2022



📝Writer – a new module for creating good content

“Writer” is a new tool that helps you create good content for your website.It works by giving you specific guidelines for what to write based on a keyword you provide.Writer also suggests which keywords you should use to meet Google’s expectations. Not only does it tell you what to include, but it also advises on how much to write, how many keywords to use, and how many headings, links, and multimedia elements to add.This makes it easy to know exactly how much content to create and how to optimize it for search engines. With Writer, you don’t have to worry about guessing how many characters and keywords to include in your text.The tool presents all the information in a clear and easy-to-understand format, so you can focus on creating high-quality content that ranks well.

June 24 2022



🗂 Articles categories in content planner

As part of the content plan, we group articles into groups. Groups contain semantically connected articles.Groups will be available for all new projects.
Feature availability: 🌎