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Use SEO in your marketing strategy and generate more traffic

You don’t need an SEO Specialist to know how your website is doing on Google. Use Senuto to single-handedly verify the visibility of your website in search results, compare it against the competition, and review the effectiveness of campaigns outsourced to your agency. As a bonus, you’ll discover keywords and guidelines perfect for SEO copywriting, and easily prepare a simple SEO strategy for your website.

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SEO tools and data dedicated to marketers

Check how your website is performing on Google

All keywords for which your website is ranking in the search results

  • A list of your ranking keywords in organic search results
  • Exact positions of your website for different keywords
  • A simple chart illustrating the shifts in your organic visibility over time
  • Sections which are doing best in the SERPs

Examine your competition’s activity on Google

  • Discover your biggest competitors in the fight for traffic from Google
  • Effortlessly compare your SEO results against the competition (in chart or table form)
  • Pinpoint your competitors’ ranking keywords missing from your website

More information on keywords

  • Once you know the seasonal trends of your keyword, you can plan your SEO and content marketing activity way ahead
  • Learn more about the characteristics of your keywords – their type, difficulty, average volume of monthly searches, or CPC
  • Check for which keywords a website shows up in the Direct Answer Box. The box is “position zero” on Google and provides an instant answer to a user’s search query.

You don’t need to be an SEO Specialist to prepare a simple SEO strategy

Use the right keywords

  • Get access to the largest keyword database on the market, one that keeps growing with every new query
  • Use intuitive filters and metrics to identify keywords that are the best match for your business
  • See for which keywords your competitors are ranking on Google while you still aren’t (content gap)

Attune content to the user

  • See the queries entered by your prospective customers on Google
  • Find keywords encapsulating brilliant ideas for content that targets customers on a particular stage of their path to purchase
  • Learn user intent behind every search query to better adapt the type of content posted on the website [SERP Analysis]
  • Take a look at URLs ranked in the TOP 10 and identify their characteristics – content length, title, and the number of headings

Find your quick wins – small changes, big results

  • Check your ranking keywords in positions 11–20 – a quick fix is often all it takes to enter the TOP 10
  • Learn the distinctive features of pages in the TOP 10 and adjust your website according to our guidelines [SERP Analysis]
  • Identify keyword cannibalization issues and eliminate them in no time by matching every page with different keywords

See the effects of your marketing campaigns at a glance

Check the shifts in your overall visibility on Google

  • A simple chart showing the fluctuations of your visibility on Google – is it rising, stagnating, or dropping?
  • Compare the shifts in the visibility of your website and your competition at a glance
  • Check the number of keywords for which your website is ranking in the TOP 3, TOP 10, and TOP 50 of the search results

Monitor the effects of your SEO campaigns

  • Monitor your positions for every keyword included in your optimization plan
  • Receive the latest updates on your positions every day
  • Observe increases and decreases in your visibility on a simple chart and in table form [Rank Tracker]

Verify the work of your SEO experts

  • Check how your rankings have been growing since the start of cooperation
  • Monitor the positions for the keywords targeted by your hired SEO specialists
  • Use integrations with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see how the agency’s efforts translate to real traffic on the website

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Favorites in the toolset of Marketing Managers

Visibility Chart

A simple chart illustrating how Google visibility of any website has changed over time. If it’s going up, your marketing campaigns are reaching a growing number of users.


Check all the ranking keywords and positions secured by your website (or your competitors!) on Google.

Keyword Seasonality

Check how many searches your keywords are getting in particular months. Now you know what traffic to expect at all times of year and how to arrange the schedule of your marketing activities.

URL Analysis

Analyze the statistics (visibility and keywords) of particular pages of your website: posts on your company blog, selected sections, or landing pages.

Competition Analysis

Identify the content gap – learn for which of your target keywords your competitors are ranking on Google while you still aren’t.


Detect issues with keyword cannibalization within minutes – and get down to content optimization. Great results at a low cost!


Enter a keyword, URL, or domain to receive a full list of keywords on a chosen topic – complete with statistics. Filter and group them as you see fit.

Keyword Details

All the information about a particular keyword in one place. Check out the search volume, number of competitors, CPC, related keywords, and much more.


Review search queries entered in Google to create more comprehensive content and acquire customers at every stage of their path to purchase.


Check which keywords have been recently trending on Google. Discover the strength (intensity) of the trend and its starting date as determined by the search engine.


Get a full list of your ranking keywords complete with the information on their current positions in the search results.


Gain steady access to your competitors’ rankings for your target keywords at a glance.

Your competitors on Google

Analyze the character count, headings, and titles of the articles of your rivals that managed to secure top positions on Google. Some solutions may work wonders also for your content.

TOP 100 Crawler

.Check the domains and URLs in Google’s TOP 100 for selected keywords. It’s a ready-to-use list of your competitors and their most powerful pieces of content.

Use data to plan, verify and optimize your actions


Senuto Suite is a collection of fresh and accurate data & tools essential for successful SEO


Gain access to 6 modules and over a dozen tools designed to enhance your SEO workflow


Visibility Analysis

Check visibility and organic traffic from Google for any website

Keywords Explorer

Discover what your customers are looking for on Google and let them find it on your website

Rank Tracker

Check the rankings of your target keywords on Google and avoid losing customers to competitors

SERP Analysis

Learn how your competitors got to the TOP 10 and take their place

Content Planner

Create content plans that work, in just a few minutes

Content Writer

Easily write SEO-friendly content


Google Search Console i Google Analytics

One chart that will tell you how your Google visibility affects traffic and conversions

Looker Studio

Save the time you spend on preparing SEO reports by automating the whole procedure

Google Sheets

Combine multiple reports from Visibility Analysis and Monitoring into one clear document


Notifications on changes in your SEO projects will go straight to your chosen channel on Slack


ntegrate Senuto's API with your corporate infrastructure

Get the freedom to send SEO data to your own tools

Fast, efficient and seamless

Data on domain visibility, positions, keyword statistics in your company CRM

Full support


Access your data even when you are on the move, with the Senuto mobile app

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Top benefits for Marketing Managers

An understanding how marketing campaigns affect the visibility of your website

The ability to perform some SEO of your website on your own

Instant guidelines for SEO copywriters

A better grasp of your competition on Google

Data for your own marketing reports and whitepapers

Read user reviews and find out how they use Senuto in their daily work


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