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Check the rankings of your target keywords on Google and avoid losing customers to competitors

There’s only one way to measure the success of an SEO strategy – by results. That’s why Senuto Rank Tracker updates data day-by-day and offers tools that facilitate the analysis. Verify the results of your actions by integrating rankings data with external analytical tools.

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Daily data updates about your rankings on Google

What are you getting with Rank Tracker?

> Daily data updates

> Constant monitoring of the effectiveness of your SEO

> Knowledge how your competitors are ranking for your keywords

Positions in a selected country, region, or city

Choose a location – country, region, or city where you wish to check your website’s ranks.

Tools and reports used::

  • Positions

Visibility on Google Maps and in Direct Answer Box

Monitor your rankings on Google Maps and in the Direct Answer Box.

Tools and reports used:

  • Positions

Increases and decreases

Keywords for which your rankings rose or dropped over a chosen time frame.

Tools and reports used:

  • Increases/Decreases

Monitor the effectiveness of your SEO

Best visible pages

Sections on your website that have the best visibility from organic search results..

Tools and reports used:

  • Pages

Full positions history

A record of your website’s positions since project creation.

Tools and reports used:

  • Positions History


Information on all the featured snippets secured by your website.

Tools and reports used::

  • Snippets

See how your competitors are ranking for your keywords

Reports on your competitors’ rankings

A review of your competitors’ positions for your keywords.

Tools and reports used:

  • Competition

Visibility charts and statistics

A chart which will show you the numbers of your competitors’ ranking keywords in the TOP3/10/50 search results.

Tools and reports used:

  • Competition

Competition matrix

A reader-friendly table presents the rankings of your website and your competitors for your selected keywords.

Tools and reports used:

  • Competition

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Tools and reports to facilitate your analyses


Stay up to date with crucial information about your domain’s visibility in Google.

Here you will find all the data on the position of your domain for monitored key phrases.

Analyze your domain’s position for specific phrases day by day.

Discover which pages of a particular site are most visible in Google.

Find out for which keywords your website increased or decreased in rank when comparing the chosen date range.




Compare the list of your ranking keywords against the competition. Identify common phrases and the content gap.

Check which of your keywords are causing content cannibalization issues.

Compare the rankings of your domain for tracked keywords on selected days.

Review the changes in TOP 10/20/50 search results on Google for any keywords that caught your attention.

Read user reviews and find out how they use Senuto in their daily work

Integrations with popular tools that you use everyday

Looker Studio & Google Sheets

Save the time you spend on preparing SEO reports by automating the whole procedure – and take the visual appeal of your reports to the next level.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

One chart that will tell you how your Google visibility affects traffic and conversions.


Notifications on changes in your SEO projects will go straight to your chosen channel on Slack.

Senuto API

Senuto data will automatically be passed to the application, integration or widget of your choice.

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Start the 14-day trial for free

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