Visibility Analysis

Check visibility and organic traffic from Google for any website

Information on your website’s performance on Google is priceless – just like data about your competition. That is why Visibility Analysis shows how you and your competitors are doing in terms of visibility in thez TOP 3/10/50 and traffic from organic search results on Google Use it to verify the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns in a broader context and see where you stand among the competition.

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Track how your website is performing on Google

Learn more about the online environment of your domain. Keep track of the visibility shifts and see how you compare to the competition. Enjoy continuous access to a full list of your ranking keywords and their positions in the search results.

Analyze your SEO results day after day

All spikes and drops in organic visibility are visualized on a simple chart. You can see the traffic volume generated by individual pages and instantly put your finger on keyword cannibalization issues..

  • Summary
  • Cannibalization
  • Sections

Inspect all your keywords and positions

Learn which keywords generate the most traffic from organic search results. Identify your ranking keywords in the TOP 3/10/50 search results and easily determine their type.

  • Important Keywords
  • Positionse
  • Keyword Features

Discover your online environment

Identify your competitors and industry leaders. Stay on top of Google algorithm updates. Learn how the popularity of your keywords varies in different months.

  • Competition
  • Ranking
  • Keyword Features

Rapid inspection of SEO strategies adopted by your competitors

Learn which websites are ranking for the same keywords as your domain. Keep an eye on their activity on Google and optimize your own strategy.

Learn the ranking keywords and positions
of your competitors

Knowing the ranking keywords of your competition empowers you to figure out their SEO strategy.

  • Positions

View a comparison on a chart

A simple chart will illustrate the gap between you and your competitors on Google.

  • Summary

Define the content gap

Identify the keywords for which your competition is ranking on Google while you still aren’t.

  • Competition Analysisi

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Tools and reports to fast-track your analyses


Dokładnie przeanalizujesz pozycje słów kluczowych, na które badana przez Ciebie domena wyświetla się w Google.

Check on which phrases the website has dropped or climbed higher in the search results.

Learn about your competition on Google and compare your visibility in organic search results to their.

Detect keywords affected by cannibalization within the visibility of the selected domain.

Check the visibility by subdomain, path, or specific site URLs.

Gain better understanding of the keywords for which your site is visible in search results.


Visibility ranking is a report that shows you which websites have the highest visibility in organic search results.

SERP Weather

Keep an eye out for major reshuffles in Google search results.

Our algorithm checks every day how many domains have changed their positions in relation to the previous day and on this basis calculates the index of changes presented in the panel. The data is calculated on the basis of about 70 thousand domains.


Identify your ranking keywords that your competitors have missed – and the other way round.

Discover which domains and URLs showed up in the search results for a selected keyword in the past.

Identify the keywords for which your website shows up in the Direct Answer Box.

Analyze the statistics (visibility and keywords) of any URLs on your domain.

Read user reviews and find out how they use Senuto in their daily work

Integrations with popular tools that you use everyday

Looker Studio & Google Sheets

Save the time you spend on preparing SEO reports by automating the whole procedure – and take the visual appeal of your reports to the next level.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

One chart that will tell you how your Google visibility affects traffic and conversions.


Notifications on changes in your SEO projects will go straight to your chosen channel on Slack.

Senuto API

Senuto data will automatically be passed to the application, integration or widget of your choice.

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