How to increase organic traffic to a company blog in 3 months? Case study Senuto + OstroVit

Kamil WawerKamil Wawer
Published: 22.09.2021
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Dietary supplements, sports nutrition, and diet food are our client’s products, the OstroVit brand. We helped increase the company blog’s organic traffic in just 3 months!

Find out how we achieved this result by publishing valuable and Google-optimized content for visibility!


Unsatisfactory store visibility and organic traffic revenues were the factors that prompted OstroVit to take action.

The start of the collaboration with Senuto coincided with the launch of their company blog, which required support and a coherent content strategy – so that it would become a valuable source of new customers and support e-commerce activities.

Business goals

In a nutshell: our goal was to achieve maximum results with minimal customer involvement in the entire process.

“Our actions were reduced to necessary activities (…). We don’t have to spend many hours searching for valuable topics for future articles.” – This is what Bartosz Konopka says about cooperation with Senuto.

  • Increasing organic traffic on the newly launched company blog;
  • Developing a strategy for publishing content adequately optimized for search engine visibility;
  • Building an expert position in the market through valuable posts.


  • Building a consistent and strong content strategy for OstroVit’s blog, which is under construction at the start of the collaboration;
  • Strengthen OstroVit’s brand authority position on Google for healthy eating and dietary supplements.


  • Plan content based on Senuto’s algorithms and data-driven articles.

Solution in more detail

Our main goal was to increase organic traffic to the newly launched blog. What do Senuto and OstroVit have in common? Every success and achievement is the result of regular daily work beforehand. The same principle applies to SEO and positioning – sharing similar values, we developed fundamental principles of cooperation quickly and put them into practice.

OstroVit is a strong brand known to athletes and people interested in healthy eating. However, the supplement and nutrition manufacturer’s new blog needed support to maximise its potential and improve the site’s visibility to search engines.

Your customized content plan that converts

“Cooperation simultaneously eliminates any action driven by one’s  feelings and bases it on hard data.”

At Senuto, we don’t rely on intuition – we prepare our content plans each time based on big data and machine learning algorithms, so the entire process is automated. What does this mean for our clients? Each of them receives an individual, ready-made content plan, which includes, among other things:

  • article topics and recommended headline content
  •  keywords that must appear in the content
  • suggested length of articles

Our content plans focus on thoroughly covering the topics related to the client’s business. In OstroVit’s case, these include dietary supplements, healthy eating, sports nutrition, and other related content. With this approach, we effectively increase the topical authority of the site – Google displays our content not only in response to specific keywords for which it has been optimized but also other related queries.

This way, the content helps reach the brand’s potential customers with its offer and increases profits.

Working with OstroVit

“We don’t worry about what kind of posts we will publish in the next month because we have several hundred valuable topics on hand, from which we can choose those with the greatest untapped potential.”

OstroVit had never before included content plans in its strategy. Making this change allowed it to quickly gain valuable traffic.

Works on increasing the blog’s visibility began in April 2021 – and are successfully continuing.

OstroVit receives 10 content plans every month, based on which it prepares content. Each month we choose new topics that determine what keywords we add to Senuto Tracker. In total, we have created 40 new articles optimized to rank as best as possible in Google.


OstroVit has seen more traffic from organic search results and increased sales levels – as well as a significant increase in the site’s visibility on Google.

The advantage over competitors, time savings and consistent organic traffic – these are the results of Senuto’s holistic content marketing strategy. And more than that:

“Knowing that we are not burning through the budget: we quickly rank in the TOPs of the phrases from the articles, which ensures that they are properly optimized.”


  • TOP3: increase from 420 keywords to 839* (+100%)
  • TOP10: increase from 1241 keywords to 2962* (+139%)
  • TOP50: increase from 7625 keywords to 15601* (+104%)

*Number of keywords at the beginning of cooperation in April 2021 and August 2022.

In addition to the increase in the number of high-ranking phrases in Google, it is worth noting that organic traffic to the site in July increased by 10% compared to the data from April. We are dealing with a seasonal industry here – and as a result, the most significant increase in traffic will be seen with the arrival of the higher season for the supplement industry. A 10 percentage point increase in organic traffic is an excellent result in season when the industry is slowing down the most.

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