Competition in the online market – how to act effectively?

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Published: 09.11.2023
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We live in a time when businesses are growing rapidly and brands are constantly adjusting their offerings to meet the changing needs of consumers. At every turn, our dream target audience is assaulted by marketing messages and more-or-less engaging social media campaigns. Regardless of the platform a potential consumer uses, a variety of promotional messages are constantly reaching him or her. Competition in the online market is fierce. therefore, in order to stand out in the digital environment and compete for the attention of a potential customer, you need to implement a number of complementary activities. Get to know them all and get ahead of the competition in the fight to be number one!.


If you are just starting out in business, you need to start building your brand from scratch. While this seems intimidating, it can be considered a very comfortable situation. You can see what your potential competitors are doing, and you can analyze what works and what doesn’t with their efforts. And based on this analysis, find a way to stand out. .


The situation is a little more difficult for those companies that already exist in the market. Changing communication or brand perception, getting off the beaten track can be difficult. No one likes change, yet sometimes it is necessary to succeed. That’s when it’s worth revising your strategy. However, let’s start at the beginning….


Competition in the online market, or find a unique niche


Identifying a unique market niche is a very important step in building a successful online business strategy. This means discovering a segment of the market that is not yet fully covered by competitors or there are specific needs within it that can be addressed in an innovative way. .


When choosing a niche, consider your competencies, resources and passions. This will help you deliver value to customers in an authentic and compelling way. Your niche can be based on:.


  • specific product,
  • .

  • a precise target group,
  • .

  • unique geographic area,
  • .

  • a unique value concept that your audience will understand.


A good niche is narrow enough to avoid direct competition, but at the same time wide enough to generate enough revenue. .


A creative approach, good knowledge of the market, identifying and understanding your target audience will be indispensable in identifying it. Next, by capitalizing on your niche, you will be able to conduct long-term activities so that the customers who trust you will stay with you for a long time..

If, however, your niche has filled up over time, you need to find a way to stand out again. To do that, it’s essential to offer customers something that no other company is giving them. It used to be that companies competed at the product level today increasingly at the value and benefit level. Identifying what your company is unique in will be an important sales argument. .


Define your USP


Why did you start your company? Why should it be the one to achieve success? Probably the answer is that you know the undeniable value it brings to the market and ensure the uniqueness of the services or products you provide. .


Great! Business self-awareness, good analysis of the market situation and competitive advantage are the basics of any business. Now you have the most difficult task ahead of you. Consumers must find out about your unique potential, trust you and choose your brand. .


This is where USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, comes to the rescue. This is a differentiating benefit of your company or service that other competing brands don’t have. It’s something that, on the one hand, will attract the attention of your target audience and fit in with their tastes and needs. On the other hand, it will be a viable and satisfying promise to your audience after they have performed your service or bought your product. .


To determine USP, it is worth conducting market research. A competitor analysis is also useful. This will allow you to determine who your target customers are, what their needs are and what they expect from your product or service. .

It is also worth conducting a SWOT analysis of your business. By identifying your strengths, you will find competitive advantages. This could be quality, price, customer service or other more specific elements..


Then formulate the USP. PIt should be simple and understandable. Ideally, you should be able to express it in one sentence or a short slogan.


Finally, make sure that your USP really sets you apart from your competitors and is not a duplication of their messages. .


Understand your customers’ behavior


Your potential customer is assaulted by a thicket of information every day. How do you get through it? Your advertisement, or any other promotional message, must be tailored to the recipient’s needs and fully correspond to his or her buying motivations. To prepare tailor-made messages, you must first find out exactly who the person on the other side of the screen is. .


Using data analytics tools can help you get to know your target audience better. They allow you to monitor customers’ behavior on your website – from tracking how they navigate to their behavior when completing a transaction. It’s also a good practice to monitor social media and customer reviews on sites other than your brand. This will give you insight into their reviews – both the negative ones that can affect your business and the positive ones that can become the basis for your further communication..


Once you’ve learned your lesson and determined your customers’ needs, you can craft a personalized shopping experience for them. As a result, consumers will enjoy using your brand’s offerings and feel that you are the perfect fit for them. .

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Create quality content


Customers are fed up with shallow content. That’s why what can set you apart from the competition is its high quality. Properly designed, unique and valuable content builds trust, engages, and can ultimately convince them to buy. .


Quality content such as articles, reviews, guides, how-to’s, interactive publications builds your brand’s expert character. By doing so, you confirm your knowledge and authority in a particular field. Valuable information, interesting stories, and a unique perspective are able to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to spend longer on the website. Providing valuable information and tips, can help customers better understand their needs and make an informed choice of a product or service. .


High-quality content is also crucial for SEO. Their valuable content and properly selected keywords position the company as a source of valuable knowledge, which contributes to better visibility in search results.


Conduct social media


For years we’ve often heard the saying “if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist.” The same is true for your brand. Social media platforms continue to proliferate, and the rules of each are changing. Nevertheless, they are still an invariably important part of building your image. Therefore, if your company does not yet have actively maintained profiles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn – it’s time to change that! .


Of course, the choice of social media depends on the profile of the services you offer and the target audience that uses these online tools. However, if possible, you should appear on all these platforms and create content tailored to the characteristics and nature of each. And, in addition, publish regularly, enter into conversations with observers, but also get inspired and monitor your competitors’ activities. .


Involve your customers


Involvement. This is what we expect from employees, partner, friends, as well as…the consumer. In this relationship, it is crucial that you are the first to reach out to your customer and encourage them to deeply engage in a relationship with your brand. By creating unique content, triggering valuable interactions and providing experiences, you will create an emotional connection with your customers and tell them a compelling story around your business. And that can translate into product or service sales..


Remember that audiences expect more than just information that your business exists and has unique qualities. Your message should provide value to customers, e.g., convey important advice, explain industry information, entertain through entertaining content – all of which will not only attract consumer attention, but also build a positive brand image. .

Interactions are especially important in social media – after all, that’s what it’s all about. This direct contact with your audience is a unique opportunity for you to shorten the distance. Take advantage of it! Engage in discussions under posts and don’t leave users’ comments unanswered. Also write back regularly to private messages. It’s also a good idea to include call to action,in your posts to motivate observers to actively participate in the life of your profile..


Create relationships that go beyond pure selling. Don’t just communicate, but listen to customer feedback and implement their suggestions. This will show that their feedback is important, that the company is willing to adapt to their needs, and as a result, they are co-creators of products or services they can later use! .


Build a community


All the above-mentioned activities, carried out by your company in parallel, effectively and with due diligence, will simply make customers like your brand. Which will make them want to interact with it. Which will allow you to build a loyal community around your brand..


Every brand in its branding efforts strives to become a brand from a company. To build a community of people who identify with it and its products or services. And even who recommend it to other consumers, becoming ambassadors of sorts. .


Creating an engaged and loyal community can not only increase a brand’s visibility, but also influence its growth and long-term success.


Buy your product from any sales channel


Attracting attention and interest in your product or service is half the battle. After all, at the very end, you want the consumer to take advantage of your offer. These days, customers expect flexibility. They want to be able to buy products through a variety of online platforms..


Instagram, YouTube or TikTok are excellent platforms to expose your brand both on your own channels and through influencer profiles that can promote your products and services. Once observers have seen your brand’s presentation, they expect to be able to easily make a purchase of the product they’re watching, right where they are on the web. .


However, of course, the topic should start with Google Ads – a powerful advertising tool that will allow you to reach customers when they are looking for specific products or services. Through paid ads in the search results, you will interest potential customers in your offer..


Partner Program


Affiliate programs have become one of the most effective tools in the marketing strategy of many online businesses. They allow businesses to increase their online visibility by engaging in partnerships with influencers, bloggers or other websites. .


In exchange for promoting a product or service, affiliates receive a commission on sales or other compensation. Such cooperation makes it possible to reach new, specific audiences that would be difficult to reach using traditional advertising methods. .


In addition, affiliate programs build trust in a brand, as consumers often rely on recommendations from people they follow. As a result, companies that make effective use of affiliate programs are likely to outpace the competition, gaining greater market share and customer loyalty. .


Loyalty, on the other hand, is a dream trait, for any customer. However, you don’t have to wait for a consumer to return to your brand repeatedly; it’s up to you to take that first step and encourage them to use your offer again. An investment in an affiliate program can easily translate into a willingness to have a long-term consumer relationship with your company. .


Be always up to date


Working in the online world is all about basing yourself on current trends. They change quite quickly, so you need to stay abreast of what your audience currently wants to see and what activities will reward the attention of your target audience. This is a key element for success in online marketing. .

How, then, to stay up to date? .

  • Regularly follow social media platforms so you identify popular hashtags, topics and events that you can use in your efforts.
  • create content that relates to current trends, such as by creating memes, graphics or videos, which will increase customer engagement and interaction,
  • .

  • read trade press to learn about new trends, and by applying them increase brand awareness, visibility, and ultimately sales.


Continue to operate continuously


Despite the challenges and changes that appear on your horizon, only through constant self-improvement, innovative actions and adaptation to customer needs can you achieve success. Don’t rest on your laurels, enjoy your successes, of course, but always keep your eyes and ears open to constantly respond to customer needs. .

For this to be possible, it is essential to monitor your competitors’ activities, observe trends, be in constant contact with consumers, update your offerings or refresh, for example, the look of your website, implement customer comments and suggestions, respond to changes, take advantage of new opportunities, adapt to them or be their provocateur yourself. Remember that every consumer likes novelty, enjoys the ever-changing opportunities the digital world presents, and needs you to take this into account. .

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