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Published: 05.10.2023
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In the era of digitization and increasing competition in the market, online store advertising is a key element in the success of any business. Using effective promotion strategies allows you to increase your reach, gain new customers and build a strong position in the market. In this article, we will discuss various methods of promoting your online store that will contribute to your online sales success. You can adapt all of them to yourself, spread them out over time and slowly implement them for better and better results..

According to the PWN dictionary promotion is an activity aimed at increasing awareness and popularity of some product or business. The goal is to generate interest and purchase by potential customers..

Yes, promotion is not just about… discounts. These, while part of promotional activities, are not always the basis of them.

This alone shows how broadly one can understand the subject of advertising and promotion of an online store. This involves a few things to keep in mind right from the start:.

  • promotion is also communication,
  • .

  • promotional activities as defined last all year,
  • .

  • advertising is essential, without it few people will notice that your business exists.
  • .


online store promotion - target.


Promoting an online store – how to approach it?

Creating a communication and promotion strategy for an online store is an extensive process. It begins at the stage of competitor analysisand market research..

At the end of the day, store promotionon the internettakes various forms, and the choice of appropriate methods of action depends on, among other things:.

  • brand vision and mission,
  • .

  • business goals,
  • .

  • target group
  • .

  • competitors.

It is good to have them not only to start, but also to say “check” on a regular basis . Your business will grow, you will grow, and so will the world and your audience. Once a vision or target audience is defined, it will not do its job well without regular updates. .

Leading an e-commerce store means consistently finding ways to increase web traffic and gain new customers. Even if your business is thriving, strategies evolve over time, so you’ll need to adjust your marketing strategy as you grow, learn from past experiences and take advantage of the benefits of technology, such as AI. Though there is certainly much more to come than AI. 😉.


e-commerce promotion - frame remember | Senuto


First steps in online store advertising.

Okay – it’s time to slowly move on to the increasingly practical part. I said it at the very beginning of the text, but be prepared for me to repeat myself on this point: market research and competitor analysis are a very important element to get started. An equally important thing to keep in mind when marketing online businesses is to identify your own audience. Gaining as much knowledge as possible about your target audience can help you learn different strategies for reaching them through social media, email or Google search.This is because the goal of any online business is to increase traffic and conversion rates.

The process of planning promotional activities could therefore be broken down into the following steps:.

  1. Conduct market research.
  2. .

  3. Analyze the competition – business and those from search engines.
  4. Define target groups.
  5. .

  6. Define business objectives.
  7. Select possible promotional methods.
  8. Plan a budget.
  9. .

  10. Prepare a promotion strategy.
  11. Prepare a work schedule.
  12. .

  13. Implement intended activities.
  14. Achieve goals.


promoting an online store - planning process | graphics | Senuto.


How to effectively advertise an online store?

Effectiveadvertising of a websitesuch as an e-commerce store is based on working in several proven areas that are worth implementing in a promotional strategy. Here are examples of these:

  • Search engine advertising – Google Ads or Bing Ads give you reach to people actively searching for products or services related to your industry.
  • Positioning (SEO) – optimizing your site for search engines is the most effective way to increase your store’s visibility in organic results.
  • Social media advertising – promoting your store on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or X (formerly Twitter) will allow you to reach a wide audience and build a relationship with your customers based on engagement and mutual trust.
  • Content marketing – if you decide to blog, send regular newsletters or create e-books, you will attract an audience interested in valuable content and build an image of an expert in your field.

If you are just at the stage of wondering how to promote an online storethen the additional answer to this question is: comprehensively. Nowadays, it is really worth investing in various forms of promotion to increase your reach and reach the widest possible audience..

Is it a lot of work? Yes .

Is it a game worth the candle? Also yes. .

Particularly if, according to the analysis done earlier, it appears that your direct competition is doing all the things I mentioned above or even more.

According to the golden rule of almost every branch of marketing it is always better to be even one point better than your competitors. Such actions are rewarded and bring visible results.


Forms of e-commerce advertising on the web

Content marketingor social media are some areas of activity to navigate when promoting an online store, including a small e-commerce store. You probably already know that content has not one name and within it you can reach for a number of different tools. These, in turn, you will tailor to your strategy, business goals, industry specifics and – very importantly – your budget. .

Most popular and effective forms of advertising an online store include:.

  • paid ads like Google Ads or Facebook Ads,
  • .

  • blog texts,
  • .

  • newsletter,
  • .

  • e-books,
  • .

  • reports,
  • .

  • case studies,
  • .

  • Google My Business + Google Maps,
  • .

  • videos,
  • .

  • podcasts,
  • .

  • sponsored articles,
  • .

  • notices and press briefings,
  • .

  • partner programs,
  • .

  • Loyalty programs.

An important aspect of online store advertising is also performance analysis and optimization of activities. Regular monitoring of the effectiveness of individual strategies allows you to react quickly to changes in the market and adjust your activities to the changing needs of customers. To do this, it really pays to use analytical tools such as Google Analytics 4 or Facebook Insights. Track results in them, measure the effectiveness of individual promotional activities, draw conclusions and optimize..

As you can see, online store advertising is an essential part of running an online business. Using effective promotional strategies such as search engine advertising, SEO, or social media advertising allows you to increase your reach and gain new customers. .

At the same time, remember that promotion cannot be done once and for all (nor once and for all ×D). Once you start, you just fall into an endless spiral of message building. That’s why it’s good to approach it head-on from the very beginning. That way you will be the one in control of the promotions, not the promotion of you..


What you need to know before you start positioning your store?


Positioning of online stores

Promoting your storethrough positioning (SEO) involves optimizing your website for search engines so that it is easily found by potential customers.

You are probably well aware that SEO activities include three areas: on-site, off-site and technical SEO. These include, among others:.

  • content optimization,
  • .

  • improve page load speed,
  • .

  • building a valuable link profile,
  • .

  • adapting the site to mobile devices.

The benefits of SEO are primarily increased visibility of the store in organic results, which translates into more visits and potential customers. .

Remember, however, that positioning is a long-term process that requires systematic action and patience. The results of such promotion of online stores can be very rewarding, as positioning allows you to achieve high positions in search results, which in turn translates into an increase in the number of visits and conversions. Especially if, in preparation for positioning, you choose phrases that will interest your audience and create materials that match your customers’ intentions. .

For SEO invest in a full SEO strategy to beat the competition. Don’t do everything at once, but apply yourself to each element sequentially..


e-commerce promotion | graphics | Senuto.


PPC adsare a relatively quick way to reach Internet users. However, you have to pay for the speed and expediency of reaching them. True, you pay only per click, but depending on, among other things, the industry or competitiveness, the cost of such advertising on the Internet averages from a few to a dozen zlotys. Simply put – popular phrases will be more expensive. Your Google Ads display on the first page of search results for specific keywords..


If you decide to promote your online store this way, you can really robustly and accurately target the ads you prepare.You specify age, gender, location and even interests. As you can see, knowing your target audience, which I mentioned at the beginning, is useful at every stage. The better you define the various parameters, the better chance you have of getting a return on your advertising costs. .


The effectiveness of paid advertising is also influenced by well-chosen keywords and, of course, attention-grabbing ad text. It should be:.

  • as short as possible,
  • .

  • specifically describing the offer/activity,
  • .

  • clearly communicating the benefit.


Does that make it impossible to be creative? But no, just try to combine both worlds (I know, I know – easy to say ;)).


It’s also worth knowing that the PPC model rarely works as the only method of marketing an online store. Consider it as a support and complement to general promotional activities, such as content marketing or social networking activities..


Remarketing in online store promotion


If we are already talking about paid advertising, I must also mention something like remarketing. Think of these activities as the next level of initiation. Because if you treat the ad itself, such as Facebook Ads, as a bait/hook, then remarketing is akin to the moment you catch the fish of your dreams and pull it out of the watery depths.




Well, with the first ad you draw attention, maybe even trigger some action (such as entering the site), but the user at this point does not necessarily make a purchase right away. For now, he has shown interest. And with that, you can reach him with further messages. After all, remarketing is about reaching not new people, but those who:.

  • responded to the first ad,
  • .

  • showed some activity on your online store or social media profile,
  • .

  • have familiarized themselves with your offer or part of it.


Remarketinghas the power to turn potential users into converting and engaged ones. Use it, for example, to respond to abandoned shopping carts. Prepare an ad that will display to those who admittedly put products in their shopping carts, but never completed the transaction (let him who has never done so cast the first stone!). .


Google Merchant Center, or product advertising

There is no denying that the promotion of an online store stands product advertising. This, of course, involves planning, creating and publishing materials:.

  • presenting the offer,
  • .

  • presenting the features, advantages and benefits of the products or services,
  • answering the most important questions of potential users,
  • .

  • encouraging purchase.


You will achieve these goals in your e-commerce business in various ways. All you need to do is prepare a product description (necessarily written in the language of benefits), take care of appropriate product photos (lifestyle and packshots), record videos, design banners, etc. Rest assured, you don’t have to do it yourself, you can outsource such tasks to specialists. 😉 .


An available method of running a product campaign and thus promoting one’s online store is also quite well known to us now, Google Shipping is a very good solution for those in e-commerce. Especially if their goal is to increase reach, build over brand awareness and increase conversion rate. .


Advertising on Google Shopping allows for precise targeting, so you can reach people interested in specific products. It is worth noting that the cost of advertising on Google Shopping depends on a pay-per-click (CPC) model, which means that you only pay for actual visits to the store’s website..


To take advantage of this form of advertising, you must:.

  • establish an account in Google Merchant Center,
  • .

  • add a product catalog,
  • .

  • create an advertising campaign in Google Ads.


By having an account in Google Merchant Center, you add more product listings for free. .


online store promotion | product advertising forms | graphics | Senuto.


Content marketing

From experience, I know that e-commerce companies, on the one hand, know how important content is in the process of promoting an online store, but on the other hand – they strongly prefer to invest in short-term actions that give quick results. .


And content marketing doesn’t work like that. Nor is that its role.


Content such as a regularly and imaginatively maintained blog for e-commerce is a staggered activity. A blog with advisory content is not run to get a new user quickly. An e-commerce advice content blog exists to:.

  • maintain a relationship with existing customers,
  • .

  • respond to different needs depending on the stage of the purchase funnel the user is at,
  • .

  • build an expert image,
  • .

  • inspire confidence,
  • .

  • gain as many top positions in Google search as possible.


Therefore, don’t break down, don’t give up and don’t give up on this form of contact with potential or current customers of your online store. Just incorporate content marketing into your marketing strategy and develop it step by step..


You can also do this with:.

  1. writing guest texts on blogs that reach your target audience,
  2. .

  3. contributing review articles about your products,
  4. appearance in gift guides (a great option before the holidays),
  5. .

  6. publishing infographics and e-books,
  7. .

  8. recycling content from other channels and tailoring it to the needs of, for example, a blog,
  9. .

  10. organizing quizzes and interactive content.


promote online store | graphics | Senuto


Additionally – still on the topic of creating tutorial content – Senuto AI Writerwill support you in this every step of the way. It will make sure that you create SEO-optimized guide content and that you do it regularly. After all, you’ll definitely make time for a few clicks in the tool. .


Store advertising on social media

Promoting your store in social mediais another effective method to reach a wide audience and build relationships with customers. Social media activities include maintaining profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, publishing valuable content, organizing contests or working with influencers..

Benefits of promoting an online store on social media include:.

  • increased reach,
  • .

  • build brand awareness,
  • .

  • acquiring new customers.

Social networks, by which I mean Facebook, Instagram, but also Youtube or Tik Tok, among others, allow direct contact with the audience making it easier to gather feedback and monitor customer needs. Let’s agree, sometimes even a rising or falling number of reactions to a publication can be a clear signal to you of what is liked, what draws more attention and triggers engagement..


how to advertise your store | graphics | Senuto.


What makes social media unique is that it provides an excellent opportunity to get more personal with customers. Social media is also cost-effective, allowing you to invest in organic social media posts or advertising at low cost..

As long as we’re at it, here’s a short list of best practices for social media efforts:.

  1. Use relevant hashtags – this will help you reach more people – including those who don’t follow you.
  2. Publish a variety of content – for example, blogs, videos and infographics and thus keep your audience engaged.
  3. Use a consistent brand tone – necessarily and across all marketing channels.
  4. Involve your audience and engage with them -that way, you’ll learn more about them and build a relationship of trust.


how to promote an online store | graphics | Senuto.

Additionally, if you care about an engaged community on social networks, make sure they can easily move from one platform to another..




Let’s assume that one of your main communication channels is Instagram. You know that your target audience is exactly where they spend the most time. You publish beautiful photos (product and lifestyle) on your feed, share testimonials and user posts where your online store has been tagged. Great, it’s a good start to promote your e-store. .


But is that all? NO!.


While maintaining an account on a social network, also take care to polish the bio of your profile. Seemingly nothing much, a few dozen characters and – as in the case of the aforementioned Instagram – only ONE active link. It’s really not much, but you’ll get around it with, for example, Seemingly linking will be only one, but when clicked, the user is taken to a place from which he will easily go, for example:.

  • bestseller pages
  • .

  • popular product category pages,
  • .

  • history of your brand.


online store promotion | linktree | screen | Senuto


A huge challenge of running online store accounts on social networks is the ever-changing algorithms. Solutions that worked brilliantly a month earlier may now completely fail to attract users’ attention. All such micro-changes need to be observed simultaneously on several platforms says Maciek Zatorski, community manager at Senuto. – Additionally, running e-commerce accounts relies heavily on interactions with customers, and these can require huge amounts of patience. The third challenge, on the other hand, is regulation. What can we afford and what can we not? How do we ensure that all collaborations are always labeled in accordance with OCC requirements. I can also say that few things in the life of a SoMe manager are as stressful as a few missed calls from a client 10 minutes after publishing a post – he adds.


Advertising an online store on social media also has its good points. First of all, it is a task that requires creativity. .


While it may be a problem for many to race through thousands of similar profiles, it is definitely better to consider it a challenge. More effort means more interesting ideas and better results. I’ve had the pleasure of launching several products on the market, and to this day I still remember it fondly. In the end, the growing number of observers, better and better results of the campaigns and building brand recognition are tangible evidence of the effectiveness of my work – hints Maciek Zatorski.


Influencer marketing

I recently came across a very shorthand translation of influencer marketing. It resembled the operation of a mediocre online translator from 15 years ago running on 30-year-old technology..


Influencer marketing was indeed translated as influencer marketing. At the first moment there was no end to the laughter, but then I thought – well hello – it makes sense after all! Marketing based on influencer collaborations is what influencers are all about. According to a report by Agency by Streetcom in 2022 nearly 40% of Polish Internet users suggest the opinion of influencers when choosing products or services. The largest share of this result is by far the Beauty and Fashion industry – here the result was 55%..


So there is something to fight for. Of course, only in accordance with the recommendations of the OCCP regarding the proper labeling of all advertising collaborations. .


Influencer marketing is a way to:.

  • get the attention of new audiences and gain more customers,
  • .

  • promote a product or service on external channels,
  • .

  • credibility of your position in the market.


Also note that influencers are not just Instagram (which we are most used to on this topic). Depending on your needs, you can also collaborate on:.

  • blogs,
  • .

  • Facebook,
  • .

  • LinkedIn,
  • .

  • TikToku,
  • .

  • Youtube.


influencer marketing in online store promotion | graphics | Senuto


Influencers are often opinion leaders in their industries, and the community respects their views. This is important because users are more likely to trust people, not brands. So if you decide to run your online store promotion online together with influencers, you will reach a wider range of customers more easily.


online store promotion | graphics | Senuto.


E-mail marketing

Internet advertising and promotion can also be done through email. .

By collecting e-mail addresses from your current customers and potential customers, you open up new channels of communication for yourself..


Regularly expanding your email database allows:.

  • keep in touch with users, such as through regularly sent newsletters,
  • .

  • promote enrolled customers, e.g., with special promotions just for them,
  • .

  • inform about current or planned promotions and changes.


E-mail marketing is also an effective tool for inviting potential customers behind the scenes of your own business.


An important aspect of email marketing for e-commerce is automation, which takes some of the repetitive tasks off your hands and still allows you to send personalized messages to customers. .


How do you build an email address base? For example, by offering a discount on your first purchases after signing up for a newsletter! This is a popular e-commerce activity, and it’s very effective..


How much does it cost to advertise an online store?

At the very beginning of this section I must sadden you – there is no single right answer to the question “how much does it cost to advertise an online store?”.


It all depends on what methods of promoting your store you decide on, what budget you have, and what your competition looks like – at any given time. Average prices per click for Google Ads can vary depending on the competition in your industry, andthe cost of SEO depends on the competitiveness of your keywords and the scope of yourSEO..

For social media advertising, costs can vary depending on the platform and campaign goals. For example, advertising on Facebook may be cheaper than on Instagram, and the cost of promoting a post will depend on the audience you want to reach. So it’s worth talking to your specialist about your needs and goals, reviewing results and optimizing campaigns. All this so that you do not burn through your budget and bring real results..

On average the cost of promoting an online store can cost from several hundred (a small online store) to several thousand zlotys.


Yes, the amounts can be frightening, but again let me remind you that you don’t have to do everything at once. Sometimes the effects of one ad will earn the cost of the next. .


how much does it cost to promote an online store | graphics | Senuto.


Is it possible to advertise an online store for free?

It is possible, but free ways to promote a store online only work up to a certain point. This is a solution mainly for small businesses that are just starting out and do not have a large advertising budget..


From the rest, the word “free” can mean not so much completely cost-free activities, but, for example, barter. So your cost would be, for example, to give away your own product to someone in exchange for showing it to their audience..


If, however, you want to take on the challenge of advertising your online store for free, then try:.

  • organize a giveaway on social media – gather a community, engage your audience and test their creativity,
  • .

  • attend networking eventsand spread the word that you are taking action,
  • .

  • send press releases to news outlets related to your industry-maybe you have an unusual story related to your business startup, or maybe you’ve gotten involved in charitable activities related to your store’s profile. Try to capitalize on this, but remember – a journalist MAY be interested in such news, but MUST NOT.
  • .



Success in promoting an online store depends on a well-thought-out strategy that takes into account a variety of advertising methods and adapts them to the specifics of the business and the expectations of the audience. This makes it possible to achieve optimal results and long-term sales growth..


Where to advertise an online store?

Marketing an online store is worth doing multichannel.Based on market research and competitive analysis, figure out what your competitors are doing and plan your own promotional activities. .

You can use the following for this purpose, among others:.

  • content marketing, i.e., for example, activities on your website and maintaining a company blog,
  • .

  • social networking, through which you will build a relationship with users,
  • .

  • paid search and social media ads,
  • .

  • positioning,
  • .

  • e-mail marketing,
  • .

  • collaboration with influencers.

An online store advertising campaign takes very different forms, even if it is based on the same or similar tools. So don’t limit yourself to the usual patterns. Currently, Internet users highly value transparency and authenticity of brands. Think about how to use this in your strategy..


What type of advertising to choose?

Each of the strategies discussed above has its own specific characteristics and is associated with specific benefits. Many times these activities complement each other. Therefore, start promoting your e-store by tailoring the strategy to your individual needs and your own capabilities..


Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to target your ads as precisely as possible – all of them, not just the paid ones. In the case of SEO, a certain kind of targeting is creating content that is in line with users’ intentions. This way you provide them with the content they need, that they are looking for. .


Internet store promotion vs. content – what to pay attention to?

Sometimes a good rule of thumb is to stop thinking about how to advertise a product and just do it. To do this, try to have attractive product descriptions. It’s good for them to meet search engine requirements, that is, to include keywords or have properly formatted headings. .

But remember, in the age of Google’s increasingly clever algorithms and the existence of such a thing as helpful content, product descriptionsare not for robots. You’re in business for humans, and so should be the promotion of your online store. See how a certain clothing store does it, for example.


Online store advertisement | product description | Senuto


Interesting examples of product cards Apple also has. Unfortunately – it’s hard to take a screen shot of them, because they are interactive!.


What are the costs of promoting an online store?

The cost of an online store and its promotion will vary depending on a number of factors, including your industry, the competitiveness of your offerings and keywords, and the methods you choose to advertise your e-commerce business. .


If you are just starting to run your small and new e-commerce store, count yourself lucky that you probably won’t be able to afford all the promotion methods. .


Free online advertising also comes into play, but it is usually complementary and on a smaller scale. .


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