Senuto integration with Slack – the next step towards automating your work!

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Karolina MatyskaKarolina Matyska
Published: 02.10.2019
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Google Analytics and Google Search Console? Reporting your results in Google Data Studio, are you presenting data on visibility in Google using the integration with Senuto? It’s time to take the next step towards automating your work! We’re not slowing down and we’re serving you another solution to optimize your daily work – Senuto integration with Slack is now available! Do you use Slack to communicate with your team? According to official data, Slack is already used by more than 10 million users worldwide in their daily work. This means that Slack is one of the more popular communicators used for chat and teamwork in companies of smaller and larger caliber. We use it at Senuto, and we have to admit that it works perfectly in this role, especially for remote work. . Due to the growing popularity of the communicator not only globally, but also in Poland, we have built an integration so that you will receive notifications about your projects in Senuto straight to Slack. . You can choose 4 types of notifications: In addition to the type of notifications, you can also adjust the frequency of receiving them. You choose between the four available options:

Why integrate Senuto with Slack?

. . How are your favorite domains doing in Google? Which ones have dropped and which ones have risen in search results? Thanks to the integration, you will find out about changes in the positions of the site you are working on without looking into Senuto. In this way, you save your time and at the same time constantly keep your hand on the pulse. If a notification you receive indicates an unfavorable change, go to Senuto to carefully analyze its causes. . The same will be true for your projects in Monitoring. Receive notifications about the current status of ongoing projects, so you know what’s in the grass.. . In addition, if there is a major reshuffle in the search results signifying an update by Google, we will also let you know. And since Google is constantly improving its algorithms, it’s worth keeping up to date! . If you want, we’ll also send you notifications reminding you when your account expires, and we’ll also let you know about new features in Senuto (like this one!), so you won’t miss any news. .

How do Senuto notifications look like on Slack?

. . For example, like this:   Or like this:  

How to integrate Senuto with Slack

. . For detailed instructions on how to integrate your Senuto account with Slack, see our Knowledge Base. . You can also watch a short video tutorial:
Integration with Slack, like the other integrations available in Senuto, is possible from the Premium package.
. . Integrate! ❤️ . .
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