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Make yourselve at home in the world of search data

Our Story

Senuto came into existence in 2014. The initial concept was to bring to life a tool for comprehensive SEO audits that would help SEO specialists with their daily work.

With time, Senuto changed its focus and became a rich source of essential search data for every online marketing specialist that strives to get more traffic from Google. 2018 is for us a year of revolution.

We are focused both on expanding our tool – we’re working hard on its 2.0 version, and on reaching out to a worldwide audience

Our Mission

We try to help you become a better online marketing specialist, who knows how to maximize their exposure in Google.

Our goal is to equip you with all the data you need in order to plan your search marketing actions  strategically, monitor their results precisely and optimize them effectively according to the newest Google requirements.

Senuto tools support SEO specialists, marketing professionals, content marketers, ecommerce managers, analysts, copywriters, as well as anyone else whose job it is to drive more traffic from Google.

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What we do is twofold What we do is twofold

Our Software

We provide a SaaS analytics platform that helps you manage your daily SEO activities.

Rank Tracker

Track your website & competitors positions everyday.

Keywords Explorer

Find great keywords for you campaign.


Tools that help you take control of your campaigns.

Our Expertise

We provide our clients with SEO big data consultancy.

Content Planning Tool

We can help your prepare a strategy for content creation to rank highly in Google SERP.

Full SEO Process

We can provide you with customized SEO solutions that exactly match your business needs.

Internal Linking

We can help you create optimised link structure throughout your website.