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Let us help you optimize & automate your work with numerous projects and clients.

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Case Study

As SEO specialists split their time between various clients and projects, they need a tool that will allow them to keep their finger on the pulse. Planning, monitoring, and optimizing SEO campaigns with Senuto is a guarantee of tangible benefits of the cooperation with the clients.
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Automate your work

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Large-scale content planning automation with Senuto Smart Content Planning

A set of algorithms will compose a detailed content plan for your site. We’ll advise you on what to write about and which keywords to include in your texts to get topical authority on Google.

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Internal linking automation and optimization

Based on a site crawl, Senuto automatically identifies possible links between individual pages, taking into account their current rank in SERPs and opportunities for extra traffic.

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Automate your SEO reports

Integrate Senuto and Data Studio to easily draw up reports for your clients or managers and save up to 40 hours per month.

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Senuto data in your tool thanks to API Senuto

Integrate Senuto data with your own tools and dashboards via Senuto API and automatically provide your clients with in-depth reports and metrics they need.

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Email and Slack notifications

Stay up to date about how your Google projects perform thanks to email and Slack notifications of increases and drops concerning websites you keep track of in search results.

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Tag your projects

Tag each of your projects on Rank Tracker to sort them according to the responsible person or a client it concerns.

People who love us

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„Senuto has provided me with important information about my visibility on Google. Especially important for me is the global visibility of the service in such countries as Poland, Russia, Turkey or Italy. This makes it easier to analyze the competition, especially when we enter new countries.”

Marcin Kordowski, Global Head of SEO
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„Senuto helps me to monitor my keywords and their positions on Google search everyday. This in turn makes it easier to accurately optimise content on our blog. Since we use Senuto, we’ve been creating more SEO-oriented blog posts focused on our industry and the thematic category that Brand24 belongs to.”

Mateusz Czech, Head of Chatbots
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„I use Senuto every single day. It helps me to quickly analyze the statistics about our website’s situation on Google, compare the results with the ones of our competitive domains and check the positions of most important keywords. Thanks to the fact that Senuto keyword base is the biggest on the market, I can also estimate the full potential of our keywords.”

Łukasz Galik, Digital Marketing Expert
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„Senuto is literally a partnership – they’re always on hand to improve deliveries, have agility and commitment to deadlines, even when we need extra strength to meet the unforeseen demands of my client. The differential is the focus on the solution, never the problem, and the status conversations show that they are interested In the success of the business – always ahead in suggestions for improvements. ”

Leticia Figueiredo, Content Performance Manager
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Devise an action plan and a thorough SEO campaign for your client

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Look for keywords

in any language and country

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Learn the specifics

of keywords like their average search number, seasonality or CPC

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Identify keywords

based on selected phrases, sites and URLs

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Filter recommendations

suggested by the system

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Senuto helps them to achieve better results everyday
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Plan content for a website

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Keyword Explorer

Senuto allows you to manually plan content for a website with Keyword Explorer. Fix a content posting schedule based on seasonality of individual keywords.

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Smart Content Planning

When you need a complex content plan for a huge website, Smart Content Planning is something you should choose.

Follow up on your performance

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Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker provides everyday insights into the visibility of a website on Google for selected keywords. You can add projects for the website in any language.

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Visibility Analysis

Check all the keywords that your client’s domain is visible for on Google and learn about their features and quality.

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Report the results to your clients

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Create reports in Data Studio

Integrate Senuto with Google Data Studio and save up time on monthly reports. We’ve got free templates for you!

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Grant access to Rank Tracker

If you want to, grant your client Viewer access to Rank Tracker so that they can regularly check how their site performs by themselves.

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Integrate with Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Integrate Senuto data with your client’s GA and GSC to analyze the impact of your SEO actions on the organic traffic coming to the website.