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Our teams

Number of people in the team: 4

  • Joanna Gracz (Head of CS)
  • Justyna Kuligowska (CS manager)
  • Aleksander Bereda (CS Specialist)
  • Urszula Wróbel (CS Specialist)

Team tasks and areas of work:

  • User support and education
  • In-app behavior analytics and user feedback

Number of people in the team: 3

  • Michał Booth-Wrotkowski (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Dawid Zygmunt (Data scientist)
  • Krzysztof Warzecha

Team tasks and areas of work:

  • Collecting data
  • Mathematical data analysis
  • Expanding and updating the keyword database
  • Servers maintenance
  • Fixing malfunctions, putting out fires

Number of people in the team: 7

  • Michał Paczóski (Head of dev)
  • Michał Kuras (Dev team leader, back-end developer)
  • Daniel Jankowski (Front-end developer)
  • Jan Ensztein (Front-end developer)
  • Oleksandr Czura (Front-end developer)
  • Paweł Stelmasiak (Back-end developer)
  • Eugeniusz Groński (Tester)

Team tasks and areas of work:

  • App maintenance and development
  • Implementation of road map
  • Bug fixing

Number of people in the team: 2

  • Sara Booth-Wrotkowski (HR manager)
  • Katarzyna Pawelczyk (Office manager)

Team tasks and areas of work:

  • Establishing onboarding and recruitment processes
  • Phincances, invoices, accounts
  • Office supply and maintenance
  • Measuring and supporting employee well-being

Number of people in the team: 4

  • Michał Dmitrowski (Head of marketing)
  • Wojciech Maroszek (Content specialist)
  • Mateusz Wyszogrodzki (Community manager)
  • Agnieszka Starosta (Graphic designer & coordinator)

Team tasks and areas of work:

  • Creating and managing content – both on-site and off-site
  • Running webinars
  • Graphic, video and audio materials
  • Building a community around the brand
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with partners

Number of people in the team: 3

  • Adam Skrzypek (Product manager)
  • Mateusz Saniewski (UX designer)
  • Dawid Tkocz (Senior product designer)

Team tasks and areas of work:

  • Improving in-app user experience
  • Designing application features
  • Market and user needs analysis

Number of people in the team: 3

  • Rafał Sobiczewski (VP of sales)
  • Kamil Wawer (Head of sales)
  • Patrycja Bukmakowska (Sales specialist)

Team tasks and areas of work:

  • Establishing and managing artnerships
  • Acquisition of and support for Senuto affiliates
  • Dedicated customer care

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We work in small teams and each of us has a real impact on the development of the product and the company. We provide ourselves with maximum freedom and decision making. We do not require working from the office. We care about health and broadly understood well-being. We remember about having fun and integrate regularly.

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100% sick pay

100% paid vacation

Our office is located in a house in Warsaw's Mokotów district, in a quiet and well-connected area. We also have a homely atmosphere - and at the same time a lot of amenities and attractions.

Gym at your disposal

Classes with a personal trainer

Piano lessons

nap room

Chill room from PS4

Well-equipped kitchen

Dog friendly place

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