How to analyze site visibility in Senuto? Case study

Case Study
Justyna BanaśJustyna Banaś
Published: 02.12.2021
6 minute is an online service functioning in the form of a virtual store. From a wide range of products from the health or beauty category, a smoothly functioning Advice tab. It is there that customers look for inspiration, answers to questions or want to dispel doubts. When choosing issues and constructing content, we like to use the Polish Senuto tool. It allows an in-depth analysis of visibility, competition and phrases, as well as monitoring of further actions, their effects and impact on the page position.

What is site visibility?

Site visibility in Senuto is the monthly traffic generated by organic keywords in Google search. In short, it is this increase in visibility that is the goal of anyone involved in search engine optimization in the broadest sense. Of course, increasing visibility is a very important issue, but it is important to remember that it must be combined with the right selection of the audience of the positioned page. A heavy emphasis on increasing visibility will not always make good business sense.

While working on, we are trying to catch up with the very strong pharmaceutical competition, and it is visibility that is the most important variable for us to analyze our actions.

It is worth mentioning that each tool that examines the visibility of a website in Google search does so according to its own algorithms based on the collected data. The parameters in different tools will vary, as they are not officially provided by the Mountain View giant.

Senuto vs Google Search Console, or what you can do, knowing the visibility of each page?

Google Search Console is a great tool that Google has presented to the world. The platform’s job is to help you optimize your site and track its results. Competition is a key issue in any field and it’s no different in SEO. Unfortunately, in Google Search Console it is impossible to compare results with competitors. Using all the guidelines from Google, and including those in GSC, we are forced to operate without analyzing the visibility of the competition.

Keep in mind that not all tools are perfect. For this reason, a good SEO specialist combines many different capabilities, programs and tools. All in order to be able to sensibly choose the optimal course of action.

Senuto visibility analysis

The data extracted from analyzing a site’s visibility can be used in many ways. In Senuto it is possible to analyze the visibility of any page, and this further expands our horizon of possibilities. Visibility analysis itself is worth breaking down into several different issues. Since the functionalities in Senuto are named accordingly, below is a brief description of each of them:

  • Visibility History – a chart for quick analysis of visibility over a selected time period. It is useful to compare any selected pages with each other in the lists: TOP 3, TOP 10, TOP 50.
  • .

This functionality is most often used by us for quick analysis of sites and competitors and for reporting results.

  • Position changes – a section presented in the form of a table that allows you to quickly check the changes in the position of keywords, and thus visibility. You can check both increases and decreases of the page.
  • .

This functionality is used by to analyze the current search engine visibility. It is also useful for optimizing content already placed on the site.


  • Key phrases – this element is also shown in the form of a table, so we can analyze the biggest phrases generating visibility for the site.

We use this functionality to quickly familiarize ourselves with the current top phrases and themes of the site (in the case of competitors).

  • Seasonality of the site – a section showing a graph of changes in the visibility of the selected site.
  • .

This functionality helps us to forecast the variation in the visibility of the site across the year.


  • Competition – the segment in which we find our site’s competition. This is a key point in the quest to gain more visibility.

This functionality allows us to find the competition and analyze the current results.

  • Cannibalization – sector with tools that analyze the appropriate selection of keywords and content.

This functionality helps us optimize the content on the site in such a way as to maximize the traffic from your keyword phrases.


  • Sections – a section to help examine the structure of a site in relation to search engine visibility.
  • .

This functionality allows us to analyze the visibility in the page’s link structure.


  • Phrase characteristics – is a section that allows you to analyze visibility within difficulty, average searches, position in SERP, phrase type, trends, and word count.

With this functionality, we deeply analyze the visibility features of the selected page.


All of the above sections in the Visibility Analysis tab allow you to examine the visibility of the selected site on the Internet. This allows you to study both the positioned site and the competition. The effect is to get an idea of: the current situation in the market, analysis of the activities performed on our site and their reporting.

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Senuto Competitor Analysis

The tool will be described in a separate paragraph, as it is worth taking the time to learn more about it. It is located in a separate Tools tab under the name Competitor Analysis. Its purpose is to help speed up visibility analysis and effectively increase the visibility of your site chasing your competitors’ content.

Once you’ve found your competition, all you need to do is compare keywords to search for Content Gap in any position and domain range you choose.


Most often we choose keywords from the top 10 positions of our biggest competitors. Once we find a topic, we explore the topic by collecting data in a keyword database to create relevant guidelines for the journalist.


In order to work effectively and improve the visibility of our site, it is important to monitor both the competition and the effect of our activities. This is made possible by Senuto. With this tool we can plan, create and supervise optimized SEO campaigns.

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