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Senuto Suite consists of 5 modules and over a dozen of tools, designed to enhance your SEO workflow

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History since 2015

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Fresh data daily

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Millions of domains and phrases in the database

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In-depth competitive analysis

Discover the phrases your customers are searching for on Google

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Millions of phrases from all over the world

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Advanced filtering and search tools

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Tracking current trends

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New phrases daily

Check the position of your phrases in Google

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Data refreshed daily, always up-to-date position

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Control of SEO effectiveness

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Clear reports on your and your competitors' positions

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A full history of increases and decreases of visibility

X-ray your competitors and take their place

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Analysis of TOP10 pages on Google

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Ranking factors for a given keyword

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Top article titles, length and headlines

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Write content based on clear guidelines

Create content plans that work, in just a few minutes

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Quick and automated keyword research

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Keyword clustering and determining search intent

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Plan groups of content within a given topic

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Achieve high topical authority for your website

Write content ideally suited for SEO

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A set of keywords that you will use in your content

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Exact quantitative requirements given (key phrases, characters, etc.)

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Interactive editor and automatic change suggestions

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The fastest and easiest way to write text that meets Google's requirements

Access your data even when you are on the move, with the Senuto mobile app

Thanks to integration with popular tools you will master SEO in no time

Senuto Suite is a collection of fresh and detailed data and tools needed for a successful SEO campaign

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Mateusz Rzetecki

SEO & CM Director K2 Precise

Every Monday starts in a similar way: morning coffee, emails and logging in to Senuto. It is necessary to check what the individual projects look like – both my own and those that are implemented within the team. And, of course, it is necessary to look at the competition. The chart from the Visibility Analysis and the weekly report are used for this purpose.

Favourite tools:

  • Summary

  • Sections

  • Competition Analysis

I chose Senuto Professional

I registered 5 years ago

Karol Soja

Head of SEO Vestigio

Senuto is essential in my daily work. Visibility Analysis is the module I need and value the most because it allowsa me to track rank changes of both my website and my competition. With Rank Tracker, I don’t need additional tools to monitor any single-word shifts. Besides, I can instantly see how my competition ranks for my most important keywords.

Favourite tools:

  • URL Analysis

  • Keywords Statistics

  • Cannibalization

I chose Senuto Professional

I registered 4 years ago

Lukas Zelezny

SEO Expert SEO.London

Senuto is one of the few tools that I am using if it’s about keyword research and competitor research. I really like it because of the UX, which is designed in a really nice and smart way. You can easily understand what’s the flow, so you’re not struggling with this tool, you don’t have to think too much about where you are.

Favourite tools:

  • Keywords Statistics

  • Visibility Chart

  • Increases/Decreases

I chose Senuto Premium

I registered 3 years ago

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8 years

67 000


We are a team of SEO, Big Data, analytics and marketing enthusiasts. We provide accurate data on the current situation on Google for nearly 70 thousand users.

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