Top Digital Tools For Agencies in 2019 (and 2020)

Kinga EdwardsKinga Edwards
Published: 31.07.2019
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Do you actually have to use digital tools?

Actually, you don’t.


But why wouldn’t you, if they make your work visibly easier, quicker and help you focus on your business core by automating many tedious tasks?


Using tools can save you a lot of time, money, efforts and nerves. In many cases, the right toolbox can spare you hiring another person for your marketing department or using resources on things that could be optimized.


You may say, though, that tools cost.


Yes,  the majority of them do cost – but they cost almost nothing compared to the benefits you receive. Tools pay you back quickly since your performance is better and your productivity skyrockets, saving some working hours or frustration.


You can find a lot of lists over there, but they tend to include tools you’ve already used (and didn’t like) or you’ve been using (so you don’t need to read about them again). We decided to prepare an ultimate list of tools you never knew you always needed in your agency or business. Fasten your seatbelt and keep reading.



What is Stackfield?


Stackfield is a communication, collaboration and project management tool.


Why do you need it?


Every team needs a reliable solution for internal communication, sharing documents, tasks and files as well as for collaborating. It is even more important when you work in a remote team or your clients are located in sensitive industries when information security comes first but you need easy access to it.


What is unique about this


It is one of the safest (it even exceeds GDPR requirements) solutions on the market. Thanks to end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, your data is secured. No matter what project management methodology you applied in your organization, Stackfield can handle it and make your work easier.



What is Kontentino?


Kontentino is a complex social media management & workflow tool.


Why do you need it?


If your team is covered by social media tasks (and many agencies struggle with effective and efficient social media management), then they would welcome Kontentino with open arms. Kontentino can help with scheduling posts throughout social media platforms and offer intuitive calendars so you can track your performance, to name just a few features.


What is unique about this


Kontentino gives your agency more than just the ability to schedule posts. Your team members can also request clients’ approval on content within the platform, saving a lot of time on exchanging e-mails and documents. You can also generate some user-friendly and simple reports for your clients, or prepare various checklists for e.g. onboarding.



What is PayByShare?


PayByShare is a simple tool that helps you make the most of social media virality.


Why do you need it?


If you always strive to go the extra mile for your clients, then PayByShare will definitely be a safe bet. With PayByShare, you can generate leads with social media (FB, TT or LI) shares and analyze the demographics or background of your potential leads in an intuitive user panel. What will you do with this knowledge? It is entirely up to you.


What is unique about this


Generating leads using e-mail marketing or landing pages can still work, but it is not a surprise for target groups any longer. Also, they may be hesitant about leaving their data. Gating some premium content and giving access to it for a simple social media post is made much easier.

What is RocketLink?


RocketLink is URL shortener which enables the addition of retargeting pixels and your own Call-to-Action buttons to branded links.


Why do you need it?


While running any marketing campaign for your clients, you should make the most of the links you share to generate an even bigger reach (and shine bright like a diamond). With RocketLink, you can customize links you share and create UTMs. Moreover, you can add retargeting pixels and embed additional elements in your link (pop-up, CTA, video or chatbox).


What is unique about this


RocketLink makes it extremely easy to add retargeting pixels that you can use in your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora campaigns. It even enables sharing links as QR codes, so you should definitely dig into it if you want to stand out from the competition.



What is CloudTalk?


CloudTalk is a powerful inbound & outbound call center software.


Why do you need it?


Let’s say you work in an agency or organization with a well-built (at least you hope so) business development team, who is responsible for sealing quite a few deals a week. There is a strong possibility that they do it using calls. With CloudTalk, you can track their performance and analyze each and every call in order to recognize what sets of tactics work, and what kind of attitude fails when it comes to sales.


What is unique about this


CloudTalk delivers more than just high-quality calls and statistics. You can also tag calls and integrate this tool with some external apps including Salesforce or Pipedrive, which are both widely used by sales teams.



What is Clockify?


Clockify is a time tracking software.


Why do you need it?


Clockify can help you optimize your team performance by measuring and analysing time spent on particular tasks. This way, you can identify some potential bottlenecks and solve problems your team encounters.


What is unique about this


Clockify allows you to track attendance and support not only time management but also team management and task management. Other features, just to name a few, include billable records or several integrations that you can combine with your Clockify account.



What is Harmonizely?


Harmonizely is a simple, lightweight tool for scheduling meetings in a heartbeat.


Why do you need it?


Meetings are the bread and butter of each agency’s life: no matter if you mean internal or external meetings, sometimes it’s nothing but a pain in the neck to find a suitable date, time or venue to meet, or even to organize them online. With Harmonizely, you can do it quicker and easier.


What is unique about this


Harmonizely can be integrated with many external calendars or apps, so you’ll never forget about your meeting (again).



What is LiveSession?


LiveSession is a session replay analytics software.


Why do you need it?


Marketers’ lives are not always rainbows and butterflies – identifying problems can be the hardest part. With LiveSession, you are able to analyse why your client’s website does not convert as expected, or why another client’s online shop does not sell as desired, with session replays, heatmaps and recognition of user activity on those websites. You can also analyse how users react to changes, or whether any further changes are needed.


What is unique about this?


Analyzing customer behaviour is crucial to understand how a website is doing. You can filter replays by device, users, interactions or source to get the best conclusions.



What is LiveSpace?


LiveSpace is an intuitive CRM.


Why do you need it?


Agencies do need to handle sales, and they are likely to need to handle CRMs with hundreds of contacts, prospects and potential clients. With LiveSpace, it is just easier. LiveSpace also supports customer care and the whole sales process, making it seamless for both the agency and the client. Several integrations help make the most of data you have or need to process.


What is unique about this


Let’s face it: some people hate CRMs or simply cannot choose the right tool for their needs or onboarding possibilities. LiveSpace is more than intuitive, so you won’t waste too much time on solutions you don’t feel like using.



What is Brand24?


Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool.


Why do you need it?


When you are in charge of your client’s communication, you hope to sparkle, but sometimes not everything depends on you. You need to keep an eye on what, and in what context, is published about your clients. With Brand24, you get instant access to online mentions and you can react before someone starts a fire or opens a bottle of champagne for the brand.


What is unique about this


Social media listening can help you overcome some crisis situations, but also to care about any brand reputation, find some sales opportunities or support customer service efforts.



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What is Senuto?


Senuto is a source of essential search data for every online marketing specialist that strives to get more traffic from Google.


Why do you need it?


Basically, Senuto will equip you with all data needed to plan, execute, monitor, and optimise any SEO-related activities. It can work wonders, especially if you’re an SEO specialist, marketing professional, copywriter, ecommerce manager or analyst.


What is unique about this


Definitely its features! For example, you can track your Google ranking positions for chosen keywords in any language you choose, anywhere in the world. Not to mention that you can also get a content plan based on big data and machine-learning algorithms.


What is Crello?


Crello is a simple graphic design editor, available online.


Why do you need it?


Not every agency is lucky enough to have a dedicated team of graphic designers who are at their disposal. Or, even if such a team exists, they can be overwhelmed with work and find no time for extra designs. This is where Crello comes in handy – it is so easy to use that anyone in the agency will be able to create a simple design for a social media or blog post.


What is unique about this


Well, it is a really simple tool, and you can even create some animated posts. Speaking of animations, there is one more tool you may want to check out in your agency…



What is Biteable?


Biteable is an online video maker.


Why do you need it?


We know that videos rule marketing in 2019. We also know that creating a great video clip can take a lot of time and even more money. Biteable is useful for those who would like to play around with videos but have no resources to pay a small fortune for them. For as little as a few bucks a month, you can create an unlimited number of videos.


What is unique about this


Those short videos look smart and professional and could truly meet your business needs without putting too many dimes in the jukebox.



Some marketers or directors may hesitate to spend money on apps. The thing is – it is not an expense, it is an investment that can skyrocket the whole team’s productivity. If you give your team the right suite of tools, they can complete their tasks even better and faster than before.

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