Smart Content Planning

We plan content for your website – you observe how your visibility on Google grows

Smart Content Planning​ 1
Smart Content Planning​ 2

Publish content
that generates a high volume of traffic

Planning content based on Big Data and Machine Learning, we’ll provide you with hundreds or even thousands of ideas for content that will boost your visibility on Google.

Smart Content Planning​ 3
Become an industry leader

Fight for high ranking on Google for all the keywords related to your niche.

Smart Content Planning​ 4
Generate more organic traffic

After you publish content planned by Senuto, your organic traffic will boost.

Smart Content Planning​ 5
Smart Content Planning​ 6
Pick most relevant topics

From the list we provide, you may choose the topics that best suit your general marketing strategy.

Smart Content Planning​ 7
Expect a steady growth

Article topics planned by Senuto algorithms will be a source of permanent traffic to your website, even when your ads budget dries up.

Smart Content Planning​ 8
When you’ve run out of ideas

Get a list of ready-to-use articles topics that should be covered within your website so that it’s better visible on Google.

Smart Content Planning​ 9
When you got lost in the content on your website

While creating a content plan for your website, we analyze the articles you’ve already posted and formulate our recommendations accordingly.

Smart Content Planning​ 10
When your content is ineffective

Articles planned by our algorithms generate traffic and boost your visibility after 3 months since the publication.

Smart Content Planning​ 11

Case Study

As SEO specialists split their time between various clients and projects, they need a tool that will allow them to keep their finger on the pulse. Planning, monitoring, and optimizing SEO campaigns with Senuto is a guarantee of tangible benefits of the cooperation with the clients.
Smart Content Planning​ 12

Thanks to Senuto you will learn about competition and what to do to get one step ahead of them.


Become an industry leader on Google

Senuto plans content with topical authority in mind, that aims at making you an industry leader on Google.

Smart Content Planning​ 13
Gain a competitive edge

With high topical authority you’ll attract users who would otherwise turn to your competition.

Smart Content Planning​ 14
Discuss multiple topics from your niche

Content plans we draft include our suggestions for articles fully covering the essence of your business.

Smart Content Planning​ 15
Get ranked on more keywords thanks to topical authority

Make your website visible not only for the keywords it’s been optimized but also for a majority of others related to your industry.

Smart Content Planning​ 16
Make Google trust you

When you post valuable and truly informative content, you get Google to trust you as a rich source of information and knowledge.

Smart Content Planning​ 17

Support your SEO team and speed up the content planning process

We’ll plan thousands of articles in no time. For comparison, a single SEO expert would need weeks or even months of work to do that!

Smart Content Planning​ 18
SEO automation

Ready-to-implement content plans will make things easier for your SEO experts. Finally, they will be able to focus on processes in which they’re irreplaceable!

Smart Content Planning​ 19
Plan your content in advance

Senuto content plan will provide you with plenty of topics that you may plan to publish throughout the whole year.

Smart Content Planning​ 20
Data in a convenient format

We’ll provide you with lists of topics and keywords in an Excel or Docs file whenever you like – every month, quarter or all at the same time.

Smart Content Planning​ 11

Get into a new market through SEO

Do you consider expanding your business into a new industry or a new market? We can help you get there high ranks on Google for keywords associated with your business!

Smart Content Planning​ 22
Smart Content Planning​ 23
For any country, in any language

We’ll draw up a detailed and comprehensive content plan in any language and for any market you need.

Smart Content Planning​ 24
Keywords on a foreign market

Let us provide you with a complete list of keywords that should be implemented within your website in a new market.

Smart Content Planning​ 25
Content for new websites

Fill your website with content covering relevant keywords in no time and quickly get ranked higher and higher on foreign Google search results.

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