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Let us prepare a fiendishly effective content marketing strategy for your website: driven by big data and machine learning algorithms of our own design. See for yourself that it’s working!

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What will you gain?

Avoid poor decisions, save time within the team and get a data-driven content plan

A competitive edge over your rivals

The position of an industry leader in the search engine nży w wyszukiwarce Google

More time for other activities and a steady source of traffic

Credibility in the eyes of Google

Why do you need a content plan for your website?

Web content is a critical factor – next to link building and technical optimization – that affects your website’s visibility in the search engine.

We decided it’s time to make content creation easier for all the interested parties. And we turned an idea into a ready-to-use service.

Professionally-produced content increases the value of your website in the eyes of Google. It also generates a steady flow of visitors looking for solutions offered by your brand. At the end of the day, content helps you reach a new pool of prospective clients and maximize profits.

Don’t waste that potential by posting without a plan.

When you’re writing without a strategy, you’re losing time, money, and potential. Just like hundreds of other companies which update their websites on and off, hoping it will somehow work out. In 99% of cases, they will fail. Content published on your website or blog will generate organic traffic only if it follows precise guidelines derived from an exhaustive analysis.

Senuto will perform that analysis on your behalf.

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Is it working?
The figures speak for themselves

We have completed more than 100 projects, which involved the planning of thousands and thousands of articles. Our customers enjoy Account Support from day one.  We start every project by learning the ins and outs of our customer’s business, mapping the keywords that rule their industry, and setting specific goals. Then we get down to work.

Learn how Senuto's content plans work.

Pracuj.pl has also achieved a raving success – after publishing the content preplanned by Senuto, the website started ranking in the TOP 10 for a whopping 10 282 new keywords, which means they had a 428% growth over 6 months.

RankingKont.pl published 45 articles over 6 months of the collaboration. The website’s best-ranking article on Google is a guide on transferring money from one mobile phone to another. It shows up in the TOP 10 search results for 81 keywords, and in the TOP 50 for 182 keywords!

Łukasz Scheibinger, rankingkont.pl

Collaboration with Senuto permits us to maintain continuity in planning (and creating) new content, which is extremely important in the context of boosting our visibility in search engines. As a result, we enjoy growing numbers of visitors.

How will we plan content for your website?

Analysis – research

We’ll join forces to choose keywords for the whole website or particular thematic categories. You decide.

Content planning

We’ll make sure your future articles have high topical authority (credibility in the eyes of Google). We’ll propose entirely new topics or explore those for which you already have some visibility – to give it an extra boost.

Topic selection and acceptance

We will make a proposal for topics with an estimation. You will decide for yourself what content will appear on the site.

Guidelines preparation

Once you accept our topic ideas, we’ll send full guidelines for every article included in the plan.

Writing and posting content

We can write the articles ourselves or leave it to you. Together we’ll figure out what works best.

Published content analysis

If you wish, you can upgrade your order with a content monitoring service. We’ll track the keywords on an ongoing basis. This will tell us exactly how much you’re profiting from the preplanned content.

Book a 30-minute consultation

A no-obligation online meeting

What’s included in the plan of a single article?

The main keyword

Suggested content length

A list of recommended keywords

The TOP 10 list

How will you benefit from Senuto content plans?

Reach your prospective clients

Your website will get better visibility in Google for the keywords relevant to your business. Remember that we’ll run an in-depth analysis of your business and the competition. We know what your customers are interested in – and how to reach them.

Automate your work and save time

In a short time, we’ll prepare a flurry of blog post ideas tailored to your business. With that out of mind, your SEO specialists will get back to doing what nobody else can.

Gain a steady source of organic traffic

The content we plan will generate a steady flow of traffic to your website – even when your ad budget dries up.

Generate more organic traffic

When you raise the number of your ranking keywords and improve your positions, organic traffic statistics will automatically start soaring.

Multiply the profits of your company

Once users start flocking to your website, consumer interest in your products or services will also get a proportionate boost.

Plan your content in advance

A comprehensive content plan will empower you to plan your posts many months ahead.

Kamil Wawer - Head of SEO Senuto

Kamil Wawer

Head of Sales @ Senuto

How much does it cost?

Content Experience is subject to individual quotation. The final quote is determined by multiple factors:

Does your business revolve around niche and uncommon topics?

How competitive is your industry?

Should we just prepare the plans or write the content as well?

How many articles do you need?