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Speed up your work, uncover new ways of traffic generation and monitor the results

More Traffic

Senuto was designed to assist you at a daily struggle to get more organic traffic in your projects.

You’ll also get your work done faster – finally automation and optimization of many SEO processes is within your reach! Sounds promising, right? And we keep that promise!

Get more keywords & insightful keyword ideas

The more keywords you find, the better. Expand your keyword lists! In Senuto you won’t get only long-tail keywords but much, much more!

  • Explore your keywords based on chosen key phrases, domains and URLs
  • Get real-time data!
  • Research on keywords in any language and ​any country you choose

Get more keywords in Keyword Explorer

... and learn about their features

  • Create keyword sets, analyze them together, and speed up your work. Share your keyword sets with colleagues and clients at any time.
  • Filter keywords that include/exclude brand or city names to draw up even more accurate keyword lists
  • Spot trends in your niche – check the seasonality of chosen keywords
  • Take a look at rich & feature snippets that show up next to your keywords and plan your SEO tactics accordingly.
Learn more about the features of your keywords

Monitor your keywords every day

  • Monitor how your website is climbing up the Google rank for given keywords day by day. Check what kinds of keywords or sections within your  website perform  outstandingly well, and which still need some optimization.
  • Track which of your keywords end up in TOP3, TOP10, TOP50, and outside TOP50 Google search results – anywhere in the world, in any language you want.
  • Analyze your search and traffic data in one dashboard. Integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console data into your Senuto account to quickly access all the important information and draw meaningful conclusions

Monitor your keywords in Rank Tracker

Analyze SERP & competitive websites

  • Add competitive websites to a project and compare your SERP positions for the keywords that matter most. Outrun the competition and get as visible in Google, as possible.
  • Compare how a given website was visible in Google on different days. Pick the dates you want and learn about for what keywords, and how, it ranked.
  • Analyze the keywords that your competitors rank for and you don’t. Haven’t you missed anything? Make sure that you’re on top positions for each Google query that matters!
  • Have you mobile-optimized your website? Track your SERP positions in Google mobile ranking every day! To monitor your mobile ranking, get API Senuto
  • Track down the pages within your website that rank for the same phrases and eliminate keyword cannibalism.
Analyze SERP & competitive websites in Senuto Tools

Do you need more? Do you need more?

  • Do you want to automatically plan data-driven content on your website and gain a high score of domain topical authority?
  • Do you need to crawl a huge website to detect bugs or check the condition of your domain?
  • Do you plan some sort of big data analysis on your website and you need an expert backup?

Senuto Enterprise

We provide our clients with automated audits, crawls and other tailor-made SEO Enterprise solutions, such as content planning, internal linking planning and paid ads monitoring.

Please note that all Senuto data can be delivered to you via API. Find out more