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Create texts that will boost organic traffic to your client’s website

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 1
How it works

Search for article topics

Find ready-to-use article ideas and craft texts that are searched on Google.

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 2
Look for keywords

googled by your personas​

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 3
Identify questions asked on Google

and related thematically with your text​

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 4
Take a look at the keywords

that similar articles rank for ​

People who love us

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 5

„We use Senuto not only for managing our clients’ projects but also as part of our own marketing. Our submissions in the contests for best SEO campaigns could not do without Senuto data and charts from the panel often illustrate our posts on the company blog and other marketing websites. They are easy to digest and help us get our message across. Senuto proves its worth also as a tool for analyzing the effectiveness of our content marketing strategy. They help us identify which pages show satisfactory performance and which ones require additional care. Finally, I greatly value our cooperation in guest blogging. Senuto blog is a place where our specialists can share their knowledge while building up their professional image, which we strive to emphasise every step of the way.”

Justyna Mądro, Marketing Manager, DevaGroup
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 6

„My main challenge is to create optimized web content and reach the highest number of users. I can’t imagine content marketing without an effective tool for researching keywords and topics. Senuto is just the thing. Its functionality, speed, and intuitive interface are the main reasons why during our workshops, I always recommend Senuto : ). What I need the most is the data on keyword popularity. I focus solely on long-tail keywords and questions. Apart from enriching my content, they often serve me as themes of the entire article. With that approach, I write on topics that are not only interesting but also searched for in Google. The suggestions displayed in Senuto offer a wide array of diverse and accurate keywords.”

Anna Zalewska, widoczni, Marketing Manager
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 8

„Senuto is a reliable partner which provides our clients with tons of valuable information on the visibility of their websites in Google. Up-to-date and exhaustive data, simple integration, and stable operation are the qualities we value the most. We regularly consult the Visibility Analysis Module to examine the performance of our Clients’ websites and collect data on the domains in the database. The module lets us automatically identify major competition in the organic search results. Then we can present our findings to the Clients. Keyword Explorer from Senuto made it possible to create our Thematic Links Module popular among the advertisers. Besides, we use it on a daily basis for creating more complex offers.”

Damian Kozłowski, CMO,
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 10

„I find Senuto a helpful tool for SEO analysis of our website. Most importantly, it fast-tracks content marketing, website monitoring, and tracking SEO efforts of our internal SEO department. Data in Senuto are always up to date, so we can quickly identify visibility shifts, react on the spot, and put out fires.”

Katarzyna Zielosko, Marketing Coordinator, Delante
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 12
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 14

Choose best keywords to your article

Stop guesstimating and start crafting data-driven copy that gets ranked high on organic search results.

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 15
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 16
Pick the main keyword

Choose the informational keyword for your article and optimize your text accordingly.

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 2
Name your headings

Find out which keywords to use on the H1 and H2 level.

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 4
Identify related keywords

Determine semantically-related keywords and build up a semantic context around your main keyword.

Case Study

As SEO specialists split their time between various clients and projects, they need a tool that will allow them to keep their finger on the pulse. Planning, monitoring, and optimizing SEO campaigns with Senuto is a guarantee of tangible benefits of the cooperation with the clients.
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 19
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 20

Observe how your texts are skyrocketing on organic search!

Do you know how your copy is assessed by Google algorithm?

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 21

your article’s positions on Google

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 16
Compare the visibility

of your content with the ranking of competitive websites

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 23

your texts afterwards

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 24
Automated SEO audits, customized crawls and other tailor-made solutions

Senuto Enterprise

A Total Guide to SEO Audit 25
Automated content plans for more visibility on search results
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 26
Tailor-made reports about your niche on Google
A Total Guide to SEO Audit 27
Automated internal linking plan

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