SEO Consulting

Thanks to our big data, and machine-learning algorithms, we provide our clients with customized SEO solutions.

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"I value the expert support of specialists behind the development of the platform."

Szymon Słowik, SEO Specialist, TAKAOTO

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Custom-fit services

A long-time experience, supported by algorithms developed at Senuto, helps us craft solutions fit to your needs.

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Big data & data mining

Our reports are based on the analysis of big amounts of data.

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We’re constantly scaling up the use of machine-learning algorithms in our Enterprise solutions.

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Cutting-edge technology

Senuto algorithms answer the challenge presented by the dynamic development of SEO.

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Case Study

As SEO specialists split their time between various clients and projects, they need a tool that will allow them to keep their finger on the pulse. Planning, monitoring, and optimizing SEO campaigns with Senuto is a guarantee of tangible benefits of the cooperation with the clients.
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Take a look at the sample Enterprise solutions

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Smart Content Planning

Planning content based on Big Data and Machine Learning, we’ll provide you with hundreds or even thousands of ideas for content that will boost your visibility on Google.

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Internal linking

Precise, ready-to-use guidelines include instruction where to put a link, where to link from and what each anchor text should sound like.

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Detailed competition analysis

Thorough investigation of your most competitive domains and its methods to gain high visibility on organic search.

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