Keyword explorer Keyword explorer

Search for keywords for your SEO campaign and increase your visibility on Google

Search for keywords for your SEO campaign Search for keywords for your SEO campaign

Creation of a detailed list of keywords is one of the first steps to take while devising an SEO strategy for your website. With Keyword Explorer you’ll identify both long-tail and semantically related keywords. Use them in your SEO campaign to gain high topical authority.

You’re undertaking SEO efforts for businesses in multiple countries and languages? When in Keyword Explorer, just choose a country for which you want to get keywords and their language – the system will suggest keywords that might prove useful and beneficial in an SEO campaign conducted abroad. This way you won’t need any additional tools to optimize your site in multiple markets.

Any country, any language

Search for keywords in a country and language of your choice.

Word statistics

Learn as much as possible about selected keywords. What’s their average monthly number of searches? In which months are they most popular?

Keyword group saving

Save groups of keywords for future reference to get back to it at any time later.


Check which snippets are displayed for your keywords and which Google snippets feature your website.

Create a website that has high topical authority Create a website that has high topical authority

Bearing topical authority in mind, in our constantly growing Keyword Explorer you’ll find not only long-tail but also semantically related keywords. By employing them wisely in your SEO campaign, you’ll make Google appreciate your site as a comprehensive source of information and direct even more users from SERPs to it!

Designing your website structure

Keywords sourced from Keyword Explorer will help you establish a website characterized by high topical authority. Use them to design your site map.

Planning content for your website

When planning content for your website, take into account all the topics associated with your niche. This way your website will become a comprehensive source of knowledge. Find your ideas for articles in Keyword Explorer.

Database that’s growing all the time

Senuto Keyword Explorer is getting bigger and bigger all the time! The more queries are entered into the tool, the more results the users get. This way you can update your keyword lists on a regular basis.

Always up to date

Outdated information? It’s not a problem anymore! Results displayed in Keyword Explorer are refreshed regularly.

Look for queries typed in Google Look for queries typed in Google

Do you know what your target audience looks for on Google? Are you aware of queries they type at individual steps of their customer journey? It’s all ready-to-use ideas for articles or mailing campaigns! Go to Keyword Explorer and see what users search for in Google.

Ready-to-use ideas for articles

Keywords related to your industry found in Keyword Explorer are ready-to-use ideas for articles on your blog! Use them also in titles and headings.

Popularity of queries

How many times is a given query typed in Google? The popularity of a query is determined by a corresponding average monthly number of searches. Check it out on Senuto Platform!

Seasonality of keywords

Most of the queries typed in Google are characterized by certain seasonality. Keyword Explorer allows for identifying what users ask Google about in individual months. That helps you plan your marketing strategy accordingly!


Next to every query, there’s information about which snippets are displayed in SERPs upon typing a given keyword in Google. Take them into consideration when creating content – if search results feature an image, you should include one on your website as well.

Identify keywords that will establish semantic context for your keywords Identify keywords that will establish semantic context for your keywords

When you create content supposed to get your website ranked higher on Google for specific keywords, use them in a natural semantic context. In other words, content posted on your website need to contain both the most relevant keyword as well as related keywords. All of them to be found in Keyword Explorer!

Data-based content

To get ranked higher, base your content on data! While planning an article, don’t rely only on intuition; instead, analyze data delivered by Senuto to learn recommended related keywords and use them to your advantage.

Common factor

This metric tells how closely a suggested keyword is related to your query. The higher its value, the more important it is to include that particular keyword in your content.