The complete SEO solution The complete SEO solution

Check our ever-growing number of modules and tools that make Senuto the best solution for SEO.

Rank Tracker

Keep track of your SERP positions every day and adjust your SEO tactics accordingly. 

Check the ranking of your domain compared to yesterday, or a month ago. 

Analyze your competitors and monitor the changes resulting from your SEO efforts. 

Check your team’s performance

Compare who of your copywriters delivers most effective content.

Groups of keywords

Group similar keywords and run a more thorough analysis.

Advanced filters

Find the keywords with brand names, city names, a particular search volume or SERP position. There are numerous filters to choose from.

15 success metrics

Get better understanding of your visibility in Search Engines.

Rich & featured snippets

Check what rich & featured snippets appear with your keywords in Google search.

All countries and languages

Track your Google ranking positions for chosen keywords anywhere in the world, in any language you choose.

Project tags

Organise your projects easily.

Automated alerts

Get daily reports about your position in SERP.

Competition analysis

Analyze competitive domains. Track their ranking and learn both from their successes and their mistakes.

Full history

Compare your domain rankings from different days.

Ranking drops and increases

Monitor the changes in ranking caused by Google algorithm updates or your own on-page or off-page modifications.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console integration

Integrate your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data to get an in-depth look into your Google situation from a broader perspective.

Keyword research

Find the keywords related to the topic that interests you most.

All countries

Real-time data about keywords in any language and any country you choose. Find more key phrases related to your business – do a research based on URLs.

Advanced filters

Find the keywords with brand names, city names, a particular search volume or SERP position. There are numerous filters to choose from.

Keywords statistics

Identify any page errors and pages that don't work.

Saved phrase sets

Look for too long, too short, empty, or duplicate page titles.


Optimize your everyday work with our SEO tools. Get even more search and benchmark data than you expected!

Keyword cannibalization

Each of the pages within your domain should rank for separate keywords. Check if you do not optimize multiple pages for the same keywords.

Competition analysis

Track down the keywords that your competitors rank for and you don’t! Do you have any common keywords with them? Are there any keywords that you have no competition for? Look it up!

Compare days

Compare the ranking of a chosen domain on particular days.

Compare SERPs

Check how SERPs looked like on particular days for a given keyword.

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Content Planning

Get a full plan of articles along with titles, headings and semantically related keywords that will boost the topical authority of your domain. Give up manual research, let us do the job and publish only data-driven content.

Your domain

Our algorithm informs you about the keywords that you should rank for. Find the ones that you already claim, and which of them still wait to be covered.

Your competitors

We’ll look for keywords that your competitors rank for, and you don’t. Again, those keywords will be grouped into articles.

Thematic category

If you want to limit your content plan to a specific thematic category, we’ll do it for you. There are 3,600 categories you can choose from.

Internal Linking

Find out how to interlink the pages within your website to improve your Google rank!

We’ll provide you with a detailed internal linking map – with anchor texts and source links – so that you can squeeze the full potential out of your content. 

Based on data

We’ve developed an algorithm that analyzes numerous factors of your domain and looks for the most efficient anchor texts.

Machine-learning algorithm

Our algorithm finds the optimal way of linking between new and old articles on your website.

Increase your Google ranking

A decent internal linking plan will boost your visibility in Google for given keywords.

SEO Consulting

With so much experience, data, and ready-to-use algorithms, we provide our clients with customized SEO solutions that create new sources of organic traffic to their website and optimize the resources they already have. 

Data-driven reports and data mining

We analyze and/or crawl a chosen domain and deliver reports based on real data.

Machine-learning algorithms

In SEO you need to learn, tweak and look for new solutions all the time. That’s why we apply machine-learning technology in our numerous projects.

Quickly delivered data

All our reports are generated automatically thanks to the advanced algorithms developed at Senuto. This way you can save time, and time is money.