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Aria Private Equity

Aria Private Equity ARIA Private Equity has invested in Senuto at the end of 2019. The investment amounted to PLN 5.2 million.

Aria Private Equity fund is a group of entities, providing specialized services for business – it supports entrepreneurs in developing their companies and investors in multiplying their capital. The group includes: ARIA Fund (investment fund management), ARIA Legal (legal advice) and ARIA Real Estate (development projects). ARIA also develops the innovative SYSTEM 3E construction technology.

bValue Venture Capital

bValue is one of the largest VC funds in Poland. Founded in 2016, it currently has a capital of EUR 25 million. Investments led by bValue include scalable projects, mainly early stage start-ups from the Central and Eastern European market.

Active investors in the bValue VC fund include Marian Owerko – founder of Bakalland, Rafał Brzoska – CEO of Integer, Tomasz Misiak – co-founder of WorkService, and Marek Dziubiński – co-founder of Medicalgorithmics.

Private investors

Maciej Noga

Co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Grupa Pracuj sp. z o.o.

Daniel Kaczmarek

Co-founder of

History of investments

Aria Private Equity

An agreement was signed with ARIA Private Equity fund and two private investors – Maciej Noga, co-founder of and Daniel Kaczmarek, co-founder of


nvests another PLN 1 million in Senuto

bValue Venture Capital

bValue invests PLN 1 million in Senuto

Berlone and Nisidoria invest in the company a total of PLN 1.5 million

Buyout of shares from Knowledge Hub by Damian Sałkowski and Krzysztof Dęowski


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Krzysztof Dębowski

Board member @ Senuto