Internal linking

Implement optimal links between various sections and help your website get to the top of Google ranking!

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Optimize your internal linking process

The way an internal linking process is conducted, has a significant influence on a website’s Google ranking. We will help you gain the most of it!

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Get a detailed internal linking plan

Precise, ready-to-use guidelines include instruction where to put a link, where to link from and what each anchor text should sound like.

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Internal linking based on big data

Our algorithm takes into account numerous parameters concerning your domain and automatically points at the best way to interlink content on your website.

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Machine-learning in the process

An algorithm fine-tuned to your needs constantly acquires new information, so that it can suggest more internal links after some time.

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Case Study

As SEO specialists split their time between various clients and projects, they need a tool that will allow them to keep their finger on the pulse. Planning, monitoring, and optimizing SEO campaigns with Senuto is a guarantee of tangible benefits of the cooperation with the clients.
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Automate this process to use its full potential

Leave an idea of running an internal linking process manually or in a semi-automated way. It’s inefficient! Run an internal linking process fully automatically.

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Saving of time

It takes ages to add all the internal links manually. Let our system do it for you!

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Combination of data

While crafting an internal linking plan, an algorithm analyses complex data about the Google ranking of particular sections within your website.

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Instant results

Only 2 weeks after implementing Senuto internal linking plan you’ll see the first effects.

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