Integrate the Senuto API with your own tools and widgets.

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"To speed up the process, we build our own dashboards based on Senuto API. For instance, we have dashboards containing visibility statistics of all ongoing projects at Bluerank. With this solution, all the latest data on every project are visible at a glance."

Mateusz Rzetecki, Head of SEO, Bluerank

Senuto API – our data in your hands

Senuto data will be automatically sent into your apps, tools or widgets so to tweak your own dashboards and intelligent business solutions.

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Integrations 3
Integrations 3
Integrations 5
Instant access

to your data

Integrations 6
Senuto data integrated

with your own dashboards

Integrations 7
Insightful reports

for your clients

Integrations 8
API Access

for Advanced or an Enterprise clients

"We build our own dashboards based on Senuto API that among others show the ranking of each project we work on at Bluerank. This way we’ve got all the up-to-date statistics in one place."

Mateusz Rzetecki, Bluerank​

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Learn more about our handy integrations and automate your everyday work

Integrations 11
Integrations 12
Google Analytics

Integrate Senuto account with your Google Analytics data to run more thorough analysis of your organic traffic.

Integrations 13
Google Search Console

Combine Senuto reports with Google Search Console and check what’s your CTR on Google and number of clicks each URL gets.

Integrations 14
Google Data Studio

Create automatic SEO reports for your boss or clients and save even up to 40 hours every month!

Integrations 15

Integrate your Senuto account with Slack to get notified about recent changes in your project. This way, you stay up-to-date!