Smart Content Planning Smart Content Planning

We plan your content, you get ranked higher

Do you want to considerably increase traffic to your website? Do you want to considerably increase traffic to your website?

Do you find organic traffic to your website insufficient? Do you want to increase your visibility in SERPs so that your website is visited more frequently? It’s really within your reach!

Planning content based on Big Data and Machine Learning, we’ll provide you with hundreds or even thousands of ideas for content that – when posted – will help you become a leader in your industry, thus getting you ranked for all the keywords related to your business.

You don’t have to rely only on paid ads in your online marketing efforts. By investing in data-based content, you tap into a rich source of traffic that will get you a lot of visits in the future.

Not enough traffic to the website

By posting content we’ve planned for you, you’ll increase organic traffic to your website.

Too expensive paid ads

Organic traffic is free, as opposed to paid advertising.

You decide what to write about

Choose topics from those we suggest that best fit your current marketing strategy.

Lasting effects

Content we plan will be a never-ending source of traffic to your website, even when you run out of money for ads.

Do you want to be an industry leader on Google? Do you want to be an industry leader on Google?

Senuto plans content with topical authority in mind. It’s known that Google prefers directing users to comprehensive sources of knowledge which discuss all the aspects of a given issue.

This means that when selecting keywords, and therefore topics of your articles to be posted on your website, you need to consider both long-tail keywords as well as those related semantically to the general subject of your website.

Content plans we draft include our suggestions for articles fully covering the essence of your business. By discussing multiple topics associated with a particular industry, your website will get ranked on Google for a majority of related keywords and will get high topical authority, thus becoming an industry leader on Google.

Content planned with topical authority in mind

Creating and posting content planned by Senuto, you fight for topical authority on Google so you can eventually become an industry leader in SERPs.

Making Google trust you

When you post valuable and truly informative content, you get Google to trust you as a rich source of information and knowledge. This way Google more often directs users to your website rather than to your competitor’s one.

Competitive edge

The higher your topical authority on Google is, the higher you get ranked in SERPs. With high topical authority you’ll attract users who would otherwise turn to your competition.

More keywords

Creating content with topical authority in mind makes you visible on Google not only for those keywords for which your website’s been optimized but also for a majority of keywords associated with your industry.

Does your content fail to generate organic traffic? Does your content fail to generate organic traffic?

You posted a lot of content, but it generates little traffic and you’re unhappy about it? You don’t know what to do to get ranked higher on Google and attract more users directly from SERPs? Not only will we show you your traffic potential, but we’ll also help you unlock it!

When your content is ineffective

In contrast to content based on intuition, articles planned according to Senuto’s original algorithms will generate traffic to your website even 3 months after posting!

When you don’t know what the potential of your website is

Knowing all keywords topical-authority-wise for which it’s worth positioning your website, we’re able to estimate traffic you can get from content posted.

When you don’t know what to do anymore

If you don’t know what’s been already covered on your website, it’s difficult to devise further plans and strategies. When creating a content plan for your website, we’ll analyze content you already posted and formulate our recommendations adequately.

When you’ve run out of ideas

We’ll provide you with ready-to-use ideas for articles to be posted on your website to get it ranked higher. Leave planning to us and focus on creating and spreading content!

When you want to outperform the competition

...but you’re not sure how. In addition to devising a content plan for you, we’ll also analyze your direct competitors on Google. There’s only one objective – to get displayed in SERPs higher than them!

Are you wondering how to help your SEO team and accelerate content planning? Are you wondering how to help your SEO team and accelerate content planning?

Do you need a detailed and comprehensive content plan with hundreds or even thousands of topics for articles? And preferably as soon as possible? Not a problem! We’ll plan thousands of articles in no time. For comparison, a single SEO expert would need weeks or even months of work to do that!

You’ve partnered with SEO specialists, but they don’t tell you what to write about? Leave effective content planning to us and have them search engine optimize your website in other areas.

You’ll get your data in an Excel file – all you have to do is to distribute topics among SEO copywriters so they can get down to work; once articles are written, post them and wait for results.

SEO automation

Ready-to-implement content plans will make things easier for your SEO experts who will be able to focus on processes in which they’re irreplaceable!

Thousands of ideas for articles

Content plans designed by Senuto include hundreds or even thousands of ideas for articles. Just think how much time it would take you to come up with them on your own!

Quick content marketing plan

Content marketing efforts need to be closely related to SEO efforts. With our content plans which take into account all SEO aspects that should be considered while planning content, you get a well-balanced marketing plan combining content marketing and SEO.

Internal linking plan

In addition to a comprehensive content plan, we’ll provide you with an internal linking plan devised by Senuto’s algorithms. It tells you which pages should be directly connected with each other to perform on Google as best as possible.

Keyword tracking

Keywords used in planned content that are supposed to get your website to rank higher will be added to a project in Rank Tracker. This way we’ll be able to monitor the visibility of your website on a daily basis.

Data in a convenient format

We’ll provide you with lists of topics and keywords in an Excel file whenever you like – every month, quarter or all at the same time.

Do you plan to get into a new market through SEO? Do you plan to get into a new market through SEO?

You consider expanding your business into a new industry or a new market, but you don’t know which keywords to use in your SEO campaign? Or perhaps you’re developing a new website, require a lot of content as soon as possible, and you don’t know where to start?

If you plan on getting into foreign markets, we can help you get there high ranks on Google for keywords associated with your business. We’ll draft a content plan for pages in other language versions, regardless of a country where you wish to expand.

Various languages, various countries

We’ll draw up a detailed and comprehensive content plan in any language and for any market you need.

Keywords in an unfamiliar market

You’re entering a new market and don’t know where to start your online marketing efforts? Let us provide you with a complete list of keywords to use in content for your website.

Content for new websites

You’ll fill your website with content covering relevant issues in no time, which will help you get higher and higher in SERPs in a new market.

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