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Explore the opportunities that come with Senuto!

Smart Content Planning

Get a content plan based on big data and machine-learning algorithms! 

Give up manual research, let us do the job and publish only data-driven content.

Data-driven content plan

No more content planned according to a guesstimate and gut feeling! Start publishing only data-driven content.

Speed up & automate your work

We'll provide you with hundreds or thousands of content ideas – just imagine how long you would need to plan them manually!

Topical authority in Google

Article ideas planned with algorithms developed in Senuto will get you a high topical authority score in Google

Internal Linking

Find out how to interlink the pages within your website to improve your Google rank!

We’ll provide you with a detailed internal linking map – with anchor texts and source links – so that you can squeeze the full potential out of your content. 

Based on data

We’ve developed an algorithm that analyzes numerous factors of your domain and looks for the most efficient anchor texts.

Machine-learning algorithm

Our algorithm finds the optimal way of linking between new and old articles on your website.

Increase your Google ranking

A decent internal linking plan will boost your visibility in Google for given keywords.

SEO Consulting

Thanks to our big data, and machine-learning algorithms, we are able to provide our clients with customized SEO solutions that create new sources of organic traffic and optimize the resources they already have. 

Data-driven reports and data mining

We analyze our search data, businesses and chosen domains to deliver reports based on big data.

Machine-learning algorithms

In SEO you need to learn, tweak and look for new solutions all the time. That’s why we apply machine-learning technology in our numerous projects.

Quickly delivered data

All our reports are generated automatically thanks to the advanced algorithms developed at Senuto. This way you save time, and – time is money!