Daily monitoring

Monitor your SEO results and the ranking of your website on a daily basis.

Daily monitoring 1
Daily monitoring 2

"Every Monday starts the same: morning coffee, mail check, and logging into Senuto. I need to see how all the projects are doing – both mine and those of the entire team – and take a peek at my competition."

Mateusz Rzetecki, Head of SEO, Bluerank

Monitor your website’s ranking
on Google for selected keywords.

Since you set up your first project, we’ll collect data about your website’s ranking on Google for individual keywords. Use it to run an thorough analysis, for which keywords positions on organic search dropped or increased within a chosen period.

Daily monitoring 3

your Google ranking on every market

Daily monitoring 4

your keywords in any language of your choice

Daily monitoring 5

best-performing sections within your website

Daily monitoring 6
Use metrics

that help to evaluate your SEO results

Daily monitoring 7

how your ranking grows and drops

Daily monitoring 8

the full history of positions

Daily monitoring 9
Find out

which featured snippets are shown next to your keywords

Daily monitoring 10
Daily monitoring 11
Track your competition on Google
  • Check how your competitors rank for selected keywords
  • Find common and separate keywords
  • Compare SERP on different days
Daily monitoring 12
Verify the results delivered by your SEO agency
  • Analyze how your ranking grows and drops every day
  • Compare your positions to the ones of your competitors
  • Evaluate the full history of your ranking
Daily monitoring 13
Report to your client
  • Integrate your Senuto data with Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Automate your reports with Google Data Studio
  • Share projects with your clients

To always stay informed, keep track of the rank of your website for the chosen keywords.


Optimize your SEO campaigns

If there is something wrong with your SEO, your positions drop. If everything is going fine, they grow. Track the changes and optimize your website accordingly.

Daily monitoring 14

keyword cannibalization problem

Daily monitoring 15

best pages and product categories

Daily monitoring 4

the unclaimed traffic potential of your website

Daily monitoring 17
Daily monitoring 17
Daily monitoring 19
WHY senuto?

Do it faster – automate your work!

To make your work easier, we’ve implemented solutions that’ll accelerate your analysis and automate the entire process.

Daily monitoring 6
Create reports in Google Data Studio

Use one of our free templates and save time on creating reports to your client.

Daily monitoring 21
Slack and email notifications

Receive notifications about changes in your projects straight to your inbox.

Daily monitoring 22
Integrate with Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Integrate your GA and GSC data with Senuto and see how SEO visibility translates into website traffic.

Daily monitoring 23

Rank Tracker SEO tools you will love

Watch the video and find out how our SEO tools will support your everyday work!

Daily monitoring 7
Competition Analysis
Daily monitoring 8
Keyword Cannibalization
Daily monitoring 26
Compare Days
Daily monitoring 27
Compare SERP