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Create data-driven content faster and monitor the results every day!

If you want your articles to be searched, and your work to pay off, start creating data-driven content. Let Senuto help you save time and resources.

Find new article ideas

Plan your content according to real-time search data.

Check our Keywords Explorer tool and find keywords crucial for your business – in any language and any country you choose!

Spy on the key phrases of your competition, explore the needs of your potential clients and create content that is searched and found in Google.

Find new article ideas in Keyword Explorer

Collect meaningful data and create insightful whitepapers

Market reports, in-depth research and analysis of your business, trends and forecasts – are they core elements of your content repertoire?

If so, dig into our search data right away and find an inexhaustible source of insights and numbers to be employed within your whitepapers!

Dig into search data in Senuto Suite

Senuto Content Planning

Senuto saves the time you spend on manual content strategy planning. We provide you with ready-to-use content plans that consist of article titles, headings and top-searched semantically related keywords.

We will also assist you with an internal linking plan that will squeeze the full potential out of your content.

Senuto Content Planning is based on the domain topical authority concept, according to which Google prefers to refer users to comprehensive sources of knowledge.

Since now your content won’t be intuitive, it’ll be data-driven.

If you’re interested in a data-driven content plan, contact Jan from Senuto

Monitor your keywords every day to check the performance of your content

When you create and publish content on your website, your main goal is to reach a possibly broad audience. Make sure that what you post, performs in Google the way you want!

Track the ranking positions of chosen keywords and optimise your content if necessary.

Every day fresh info about your Google ranking situation is what every Content Manager needs!

Monitor your keywords in Rank Tracker

Do you need more? Do you need more?

Do you need to audit the content on your website?

Did you get lost in the content existing on your website?

For SEO big data consultancy, contact Jan from Senuto

Senuto Enterprise

We provide our clients with automated audits, crawls and other tailor-made SEO Enterprise solutions, such as content planning, internal linking planning and paid ads monitoring.

Please note that all Senuto data can be delivered to you via API. Find out more