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SEO on your smartphone. Download Senuto mobile app

Karolina Matyska
SEO on your smartphone. Download Senuto mobile app 1
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    You’re out of office when you get word of a huge Google update. Stuck in traffic, you receive a panicked call from a client fretting about their website stats, which just took a massive drop. How do you get up to speed? As of now – with Senuto mobile app!

    Download it for free, log in and start exploring. For a quick guide, read on.

    What can you do with Senuto mobile app?

    1. access your reports at any time and place even without computer access – on a business trip or a meeting.
    2. instantly check your ranks as you’re waiting for Uber, making coffee, or stealing a glance at your smartphone at a family dinner.
    3. get push notifications about your increases and decreases in rank and detected Google algorithm tweaks.
    Senuto Mobile App 1

    Technical stuff

    Senuto app is available on iOS and Android. You can get it free-of-charge from AppStore and Google Play. To access your projects, simply enter your login data for the web app (


    Right now, Senuto mobile app offers two modules: Rank Tracker and Visibility Analysis. The home screen shows an overview of your projects in Rank Tracker – brief and to the point. You can switch to Visibility Analysis by selecting it in the bottom menu.

    Reports available in Rank Tracker:

    • Dashboard
    • Positions
    • Competition,


    Senuto Mobile App 2

    Reports available in Visibility Analysis:

    • Dashboard
    • Positions
    • Increases/Decreases
    • Trends
    • Competition
    Senuto Mobile App 3

    The Future

    We put in your hands a full-fledged app that went through a fair share of tests. We want it to make work easier for you, your team, and your customers. You can help us with that by reviewing the Senuto app in the app store or sending us feedback at [email protected]. If you spot any rough edges, we’ll smoothen them out!

    ⬇️ Download Senuto mobile app!

    iOS download:

    Android download:

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