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seo visibility loss

SEO Visibility Loss – Always a Cause for Concern?

When it comes to losses, people often panic at the very sound of this word. All of them – keyword positions, traffic or SEO visibility loss* – rattle both SEO specialists and clients. With good reason! If the success of your business hinges on those factors, all issues should be identified and eliminated on the spot. However, is falling SEO visibility always a cause for concern?

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SEO – what to optimize at home and what to outsource?

SEO – What to Optimize In-House and What to Outsource?

All the changes in SEO that occurred over the years lead to a simple conclusion: it’s getting harder. An SEO expert has to be more technologically, analytically and mathematically capable.
Therefore, SEO on your own will not take you far anymore. How to get down to SEO in 2018? What can you do by yourself and what should be done by a specialist? Let’s find out!

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