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Senuto lets you plan, monitor, and optimize marketing activities in Google

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Get more traffic with our SEO toolset

Monitor your positions in SERP

Track your positions in Search Engine Result Pages for chosen keywords every day. How is your situation in Google compared to yesterday or two days ago? Keep an eye on ranking fluctuations and, if necessary, be ready to take action!


After analyzing your own domain, take a better look at competitive websites. The more you know about their actions, the better conclusions you can draw for yourself!

Keep track of your competitors in Google


Find great keywords for your campaign

Real-time data about keywords in any language and any country you choose. Find more key phrases related to your business – do a research based on URLs.



Senuto has provided me very important information about visibility in Google and other search engines. Specifically important for me is the global visibility of our service in Poland, but also in other countries, such as Russia, Turkey or Italy. Thanks to Senuto its easier to analyze the competition, especially when we enter new markets.

Perfect tool for every SEO specialist, marketing person, even an SEO copywriter. It speeds up and simplifies your analysis. It helps you find accurate keywords, so that the creation of your content marketing strategy is easier than ever. Since I’ve been using Senuto, I can’t imagine my life without it! What I really appreciate, is an awesome support team that helps you in any kind of problems!

Senuto is one of the tools, without which I can’t imagine my everyday work.

Marcin Kordowski


Paweł Żak


Mateusz Rzetecki

SEO Team Lead at Bluerank



Senuto supports over a 5,500 of professionals in their daily SEO tasks

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The more keywords you find, the better. Expand your keyword lists! In Senuto you won’t get only long-tail keywords but much, much more!

Get more keywords & insightful keyword ideas

  • Explore your keywords based on chosen key phrases, domains and URLs
  • Get real-time data!
  • Research on keywords in any language and any country you choose

... and learn about their features

  • Create keyword sets, analyze them together, and speed up your work.
  • Share your keyword sets with colleagues and clients at any time.
  • Filter keywords that include/exclude brand or city names to draw up even more accurate keyword lists
  • Spot trends in your niche – check the seasonality of chosen keywords
  • Take a look at rich & feature snippets that show up next to your keywords and plan your SEO tactics accordingly.

Monitor your keywords every day

  • Monitor how your website is climbing up the Google rank for given keywords day by day.
  • Check what kinds of keywords or sections within your website perform outstandingly well, and which still need some optimization.
  • Track which of your keywords end up in TOP3, TOP10, TOP50, and outside TOP50 Google search results – anywhere in the world, in any language you want.
  • Analyze your search and traffic data in one dashboard.
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console data into your Senuto account to quickly access all the important information and draw meaningful conclusions

Senuto was designed to assist you at a daily struggle to get more organic traffic in your projects.You’ll also get your work done faster – finally automation and optimization of many SEO processes is within your reach! Sounds promising, right? And we keep that promise!



Spend your online marketing budget efficiently for an SEO strategy that is data-driven – with Senuto it’s easier than ever! Top listing in Google ranking for all the keywords related to your business will drive qualitative traffic to your website. It’s worth the money you invest and remains profitable for a long haul.

In Senuto Suite you get an in-depth look into the effects of your SEO activities. Get a better understanding of your search data to make business decisions based on data. To clearly understand your situation in Google, take a look at the following tools:


Rank tracker

Keyword Explorer

Competition analysis

Reports & metrics

Check how your website ranks for the most important keywords in your business. Which of them drive the most traffic and how much it would cost you to get the same traffic from Google Ads?

Research on the keywords that your business should rank for – in any language and any country you choose. Get real time data and look for new opportunities to approach your clients on the Internet!

Do you know who is your competition in Google? What do they do to approach new clients in the search engine? Track down all common and separate keywords that you both rank for. Senuto Suite equips you with all the data needed to draw an extensive comparison between your and your competitors’ SEO activities and their results.

Get a more insightful look into the reports delivered by your SEO specialists. Numerous reports and metrics concerning your keywords and ranking will help you better understand your situation in Google.


For sure there are some most important keywords, for which you need to rank in TOP3.Regularly monitor the keywords that you specifically care about. The higher your ranking, the more customers visit your website day by day!

Check your situation in Google

Analyze your competition

Do you know who is your competition in Google? Are they ranking for the same keywords as your website does? Are there some top-searched phrases that you’ve missed in your primary SEO plan?

Run a comprehensive analysis of your competitive domains in Senuto Suite and make sure that you squeeze a full potential of your organic traffic! Track down all common and separate keywords that you both rank for.

Senuto Suite equips you with all the data needed to draw an extensive comparison between your and your competitors’ SEO activities and their results.

Get to know the tactics of your competition and learn both from their successes and mistakes.

Find out what products should be included in your offer

A thorough keyword research, helps you get an idea about the kinds of products and services that your potential clients search for.

Expand your product range based on the number of Google queries related to your business. Data-driven decisions pay off!

Do you reach ALL the potential customers of your products?

Without a detailed analysis of your situation in Google it’s hardly possible!Use Senuto to get a better understanding of your business and your Google competition. This data will translate into more traffic on your website – and this in turn means more sales!

Build smart product descriptions

Find the keywords that your website should rank for and create smart product descriptions that will boost your Google ranking.

In Keyword Explorer you’ll find the best key phrases to employ within product descriptions and blog posts on your website.



Plan your content according to real-time search data.Check our Keywords Explorer tool and find keywords crucial for your business – in any language and any country you choose!

Spy on the key phrases of your competition, explore the needs of your potential clients and create content that is searched and found in Google.

Find new article ideas

Collect meaningful data and create insightful whitepapers

Market reports, in-depth research and analysis of your business, trends and forecasts – are they core elements of your content repertoire?If so, dig into our search data right away and find an inexhaustible source of insights and numbers to be employed within your whitepapers!

Monitor your keywords every day to check the performance of your content

When you create and publish content on your website, your main goal is to reach a possibly broad audience. Make sure that what you post, performs in Google the way you want!

Track the ranking positions of chosen keywords and optimise your content if necessary.

Every day fresh info about your Google ranking situation is what every Content Manager needs!

If you want your articles to be searched, and your work to pay off, start creating data-driven content. Let Senuto help you save time and resources.


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